Am I correcting the minor axis of my cylinders right?

6:26 PM, Friday September 24th 2021

I understand that they have to cut the ellipses in half, but am I doing it right?

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8:44 PM, Friday September 24th 2021

I think you are trying to do it right but some are a bit off. 3 and 7 in particular.

8:55 PM, Friday September 24th 2021

Oh okay, I'll keep going then, thank you :)

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5:01 AM, Thursday October 7th 2021

As far as I see, you have to cut the cylinders in half. 6 and 7 are not right, the line should pass through the centre of the ellipses.

If you think that you are cutting the ellipse in half, then there is no single line that does the job. Consider a circle, is there only one single line that cuts the circle in half? No, and same is with ellipse. This is because ellpise is nothing but you looking at a 2D circle in a 3D plane from different perspectives.

12:04 PM, Thursday October 14th 2021

Thanks for your answer! I didn't see the notification earlier (was logged out of the website and didn't realize) but your comment is very helpful.

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