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11:53 AM, Friday January 7th 2022

Hi ERVI10. Thanks for the critique! I'm thankful for the kind words, and glad for the advice. You for sure nailed the point of me not ghosting enough at times. When I think back to doing some of the more "grindy" exercises I would ghost less and less as I lost focus. I will have to work on that for sure, and perhaps take breaks when fuel is running low.

I'm also glad to hear you saw confidence in my lines. Before starting the lessons on this site I used to draw really wobbly lines. I was convinced I just had really shaky hands and I would never really be great at linework. But after reading the parts about confidence and how when you put the pen to the paper the line is sort of already drawn, something just clicked and I saw instant improvement.

Will take some time to work on some personal projects (have been neglecting the 50-50 rule), then I'm off to draw a ton of boxes. Thanks again!

9:16 PM, Friday January 7th 2022

Heck yeah, fun drawings are, frustrating but fun to make (personally speaking!).

You're welcome for the advice! Best of luck at both the Box Challenge and personal drawings!

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