Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:07 PM, Thursday January 6th 2022

Lesson 1 - Homework - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/wddCyep

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When I started doing these exercises I never thought I'd have anyone taking a look at them, so I'm sorry if some of them are a bit messy. For example one of the superimposed lines pages jumping between left->right and right->left.

I can already see some places where I need to improve (like the fraying at the start of lines in the superimposed exercise, wonky perspective on boxes in the organic perspective exercises etc.), but I'm looking forward to get a more experienced set of eyes to point out other areas I haven't noticed that needs work.

Thanks for taking a look!

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11:42 PM, Thursday January 6th 2022

It's good you're seeing where you need to improve, but let's see here


Your Superimposed Lines look decent. I don't see many areas where you necessarily course-corrected the lines. You had a lot of confidence in your arm in this, nice job. As you addressed, there is fraying on the start of lines. Really, you can solve that by going a little slower, watching where you put your pen. And then making the mark. Confidence is not without its preparation. As for fraying on the other end, it's normal, and will reduce with time. Overall, nice confident work there.

Your Ghosted Lines look really smooth. There are a few curving/arcing lines, but it doesn't seem to be a big issue for you. Just remember that ghosting is basically you telling your arm what it needs to do. So ghost as much as you need to make your arm comfortable with making the motion. Looking at the endpoint, as you try to figure out a straight motion, can help as well.

Hooh boy, the lines of your Ghosted Planes got straighter. No real problem when it came to confidence, nice work on that. Next steps would be to work on accuracy (Level 3 of Ghosting), trying to hit both points with confidence. But yeah, you nailed this one.


Your Tables of Ellipses got better as you worked through it. Your ellipses were initially too loose, crowding alot of space. But by the second page, your ellipses were less loose, and took up less space. Nice improvement. What you'd want to work on next would be the eveness of your ellipses, as some have bigger/smaller halves. You may want to ghost more, until you feel like your arm goes evenly in the motion. Edit: looks like you worked on that on the bottom half of page 2. Great job

Though there are some wonky ellipses in your Ellipses in Planes, you still were confident. And you tried you best to snugly fit the ellipses, trying to hit all four corners smoothly. Evenness of the ellipse could be worked upon. But overall, good work here.

Your ellipses in the Funnels got better. You worked with confidence, also trying to even out the ellipses. And you played around with the concept of the minor axis (center line), checking your mistakes along the way. Nice job there.

Boxes, ooh

You did Plotted Perspective well.

You did Rough Perspective nicely. You paid a good amount of attention to each line's behavior. Your linework got a bit rough but you shouldn't sweat it that much. Just pay more attention to ghosting, even if we're drawing more than just lines. Other than that, you may want to experiment with overlapping boxes. Overall, nice job.

You did Rotated Boxes very well. It's a little hard to see the outer outer boxes. But there is significant rotation on each new box, nice job there. You've kept your gaps narrow and made your lines confident. You nailed this exercise.

Your Organic Perspective look good. It's not that big of an issue that your boxes get way too small. Good on you that you corrected that though. You also carefully worked out each line's convergence, nice job for your first time tackling this spatial challenge. You want to work on connecting each line next time. Especially as you head to the Box challenge


Very great submission. Great job with sticking to the instruction. Very great job on making confidence above everything else in these exercises. Nice work playing around with spatial concepts. There is room for improvement, and I'm glad you know some. Generally speaking, accuracy might be your next best step from here. Do come back to these exercises as warm-ups, and I'm sure you'll be able to improve where you need to.

Anywho I'll mark this as complete. Good luck with the 250 Box Challenge

Next Steps:

The 250 Box Challenge

Give it your all. Do your best at confidence and accuracy. Don't be afraid of mistakes, and don't be afraid to learn from them. Pretty sure you might have mistakes even with Box 250. What matters most is that you learn from mistakes so they become less frequent/obvious. So, do your best!

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11:53 AM, Friday January 7th 2022

Hi ERVI10. Thanks for the critique! I'm thankful for the kind words, and glad for the advice. You for sure nailed the point of me not ghosting enough at times. When I think back to doing some of the more "grindy" exercises I would ghost less and less as I lost focus. I will have to work on that for sure, and perhaps take breaks when fuel is running low.

I'm also glad to hear you saw confidence in my lines. Before starting the lessons on this site I used to draw really wobbly lines. I was convinced I just had really shaky hands and I would never really be great at linework. But after reading the parts about confidence and how when you put the pen to the paper the line is sort of already drawn, something just clicked and I saw instant improvement.

Will take some time to work on some personal projects (have been neglecting the 50-50 rule), then I'm off to draw a ton of boxes. Thanks again!

9:16 PM, Friday January 7th 2022

Heck yeah, fun drawings are, frustrating but fun to make (personally speaking!).

You're welcome for the advice! Best of luck at both the Box Challenge and personal drawings!

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