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3:33 PM, Thursday May 18th 2023
edited at 5:21 PM, May 18th 2023

Hello there,

It’s been almost 2 months since you submitted lesson 1 and no review yet! I’ll give it a try, hoping that it will help.

First of all, congratulations for going through lesson 1. It's a lot of materials to read, watch and try to understand.

You completed most of the homework assignments (even though some parts are missing), it takes dedication.

I’m not sure you went through lesson 0? It seems you used pencil to do the homework, and lesson 0 explains very well to use ink, and why. Feel free to ask for alternatives on the discord channel or on the website if you’re having difficulties to get fine liners nearby, for example. Brands are different from a country to another, but I’m sure it’s possible to find appropriate pens.

When not done with recommended tools, I’m not sure the rest of the homework would be reviewed at all by others. It’s too bad to submit and never get helpful feedbacks to improve and get out the most of the course.


I was pointed out it could be ballpoint pen and not pencil. Ballpoint is OK for lesson 1, but not for further lessons. It is hard to distinguish as the photos are a bit blurry.

Could it be possible to focus while taking pictures of your homework? Daylight also helps a lot getting good quality photos. It would be a great help on assessing your work.

End of edit.

Despite this fact, I’ll try to look over your submission and offer feedbacks regarding lesson 1 materials and goals.


Super imposed lines

There are 3 photos, but the first 2 look like it’s the same page

Did you drawn on every mark 8 times, like requested in the homework instructions?

On the first page, il seems the longer one at bottom are just lines made with a ruler.

Otherwise, on the ones I can see, there is little fraying at the beginning, which is good.

On some lines, it seems like you tried to correct the trajectory to meet the end plot, creating an ark. Do try to avoid this.

Lesson 1 explains to focus on confidence over accuracy. It’s better to have a straight confident mark not going through the end plot than a curved mark connecting the dots. Accuracy would come with mileage.

Ghosted lines

Lines are wobbly as you tried to connect the dots. Focus confidence over accuracy at this point of the course.

Ghosted planes

Good point on plotting before drawing. Maybe try plotting smaller, so they are kind of swallowed by your lines when you draw them. It is asked to plot for the diagonals as well, which is something you forgot. Some diagonals are missing on most of the planes of the second page.

Same for lines as for ghosted lines: you prioritized accuracy over confidence.


Ellipses in planes

It was indicated to reuse the 2 pages of ghosted planes you did earlier. You did 2 more pages apparently. Ellipses are wobbly and in some you drew too many times over the same ellipse. It’s hard to distinguish the shape.?Try to stick to the same number (2 to 4 according to lesson material).

Tables of ellipses

Same as ellipses in planes about accuracy. A lot of issues: different sizes and orientation within the same frame, they are not next to each other.

I assume that you used pencil, according to the first page, middle and bottom. It seems you erased the first tries ?

If so, it is against the lesson1 instructions to use ink.


They look better than on the tables: close to each other in the same funnel. They are going a bit twisty, but your original lines of funnels aren’t perpendicular, so it’s probably expected the ellipses follow the direction.


Plotted perspective

There is only 2 frames visible, as the homework instructions asked for 3 on the same page.

I can see you tried to do the exercices, but the vertical lines of your boxes aren’t vertical. This one was supposed to be while using a ruler. Some lines seem curved.

It’s hard to tell if you understood the idea of 2 VP.

Rough perspective

I can see only 2 frames for this exercice. It was asked to do 2 pages filled with 3 frames. I don’t know if you did the 3 of them and had an issue while taking the pictures?

The photos are a bit blurred, I’m sorry I can’t evaluate correctly.

Rotated boxes

Good job on trying this one. It is complicated and beginners are expected to fail on this one.

Good point on plotting before drawing.

About the less good points: you didn’t drawn through the boxes, though, as it was asked in the assignments. Some of the box don’t seem rotated.

You can check again the instructions, written and video, there are a lot of informations and tips to understand. But the rotation of boxes will be practiced a lot in the 250 box challenge coming after lesson1 anyway.

Organic perspective

You made 2 pages of the exercice, but it was asked to do 2 pages with 3 frames, just like the other perspective exercices.

I’ll take a look on what you did.

Good job on varying the size, making them small to big, giving the feeling that they are following the curved line.

On the first page, at the far top right, the last box seem smaller, though. Or maybe it’s me having a hard time seing the curved line.

On the second page, there is on lonely small box at the far right, and then bigger ones. I’m not sure I’m seeing the curved line correctly.

I can see you tried to rotate some of them. It would have been nice to try to rotate more, and vary more the shapes of the boxes. They look a bit all same-ish.

Next Steps:

Please use recommented tools indicated in lesson 0.

Also, could you provide at least the requested amount of homework on the boxes section.

I won't ask to redo all the homework of lesson 1 with ink, but it could be a big no go for further lessons if done with pencil.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 5:21 PM, May 18th 2023
4:53 PM, Monday June 19th 2023

I redid lesson 1


9:49 AM, Sunday June 25th 2023


Sorry for the late reply, I didn't check the website for a while.

I must admit how much effort and dedication redoing the whole lesson 1 homework while I asked only to provide the missing required pages.

As the summer promptathlon is currently running, I will check and get back to you as soon as possible. What about joining it in the meantime ?

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