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8:38 PM, Thursday June 16th 2022

Looking good as always dude!

Love the plain and bold dark background and the focus it brings to the objects presented.

The contrast looks good, maybe if you want you could also experiment with some kind of highlighter, especially on the vase. You could also invest in a good quality white pencil, I thought they were useless, but now I almost always use them in my drawings to add even more contrast with the darker values.

I also adore the little scribbled dithering effect you created with the lines for the self shadow! Fun fact, dithering was used in retro games to reduce the memory used, but also to present the right colors or lighting. Now, it's used in all sorts of art and it actually makes for a very nice effect, you could also experiment with ink or something like that, because I know it works really well whilst using it.

But overall it's looking good! Keep practicing on everyday objects or scenes and you will be golden!

5:24 PM, Monday June 20th 2022

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will try to test new materials and techniques to always try to improve.

7:39 AM, Tuesday June 21st 2022

Awesome! Good luck!

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