Hey, I’ll be grading your home work today.

So, in regards to extended lines, these look good. They’re all extended away from the viewer like they’re supposed to be. Pretty much all of them converge and none are parallel either, so good job there.

Your hatching is really good at indicating which face we’re looking at on the boxes and I didn’t notice much fraying. It was a bit wobbly here and there, but not consistently enough to be a problem, if you ask me.

Your line weight was a bit odd. On most of the boxes, I really only could see it at the corners when it was supposed to be at the outer edges of the box essentially, but it is there to be noticed.

And when it comes to the orientation of your boxes, you had a lot of variety in them, which is also good.

Overall, your boxes are all great, to the point where I learned something out of grading them. I say you’re ready to move on to the next set of lessons