Hello Trendel103, I’ve broken down the critique below:

  1. Extending lines: For the most part, these lines converged to their VPs. However, some lines were extended in the wrong direction (box 15 and 26, blue lines).

  2. Converging VS Diverging: Most of the boxes had clear vanishing points. I noticed that at the 100-130ish boxes, the foreshortening became shallower and shallower until it was unclear where the boxes’ VPs were - this was especially prominent in the blue set of lines. Endeavour to have a clearer VP for the viewer, so that when you extend the lines, they are not parallel. Sometimes, the lines converge in pairs (box 58, top 2 and bottom 2 lines extending to the right). It appears these two pairs of lines are converging towards 2 different vanishing points when they should all be converging towards 1.

  3. Hatching: Hatching lines are good. They’re drawn through confidently and consistently. This is good to practice, as hatching is a useful tool in later lessons and art in general.

  4. Lineweight: There is lineweight on some of these boxes, but not all of them. Try to get into the habit of adding lineweight - it’s okay if it’s a bit off, as long as the lines are confident.

  5. Wobbly/Repeated Lines: The lines on the boxes themselves are smooth and confident with no visible repeats and no wobbles, which is good. This shows that you're taking the time to ghost through each mark you make.

  6. Inner Corners: The inner corners are always difficult to do so don’t sweat it if they’re a little wonky. Here’s a method you can use in the future to better predict where the inner corner should go: https://imgur.com/a/DHlA3Jh

Overall, well done! I would recommend adding exercise this into your warmups: 1-2 boxes or so (this tip was from a fellow student) to keep your skills sharp. Hope this was helpful :)