Along with Drawabox work, our community members also post other artwork to their sketchbooks.

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  • DIO's Sketchbook: NMA FODAP

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  • royllercoster's Sketchbook: under the mountain

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  • Kelfire4's Sketchbook: Senku from Dr stone

  • Karodok's Sketchbook: unsuccessful hunt

  • ShortJamesBronze's Sketchbook: A DTIYS Challenge from some Time Ago

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  • Fkhan's Sketchbook: Something random I drew

  • MurcDirty's Sketchbook: Learning how to use color

  • prideful_snek's Sketchbook: Reboot Prompt - Scripture

  • NeilEllis's Sketchbook: Megaera, Thanatos and Zagreus line art

  • GardenerBoy's Sketchbook: Salmon warmup needs some work. Any tips??

The recommendation below is an advertisement. Most of the links here are part of Amazon's affiliate program (unless otherwise stated), which helps support this website. It's also more than that - it's a hand-picked recommendation of something I've used myself. If you're interested, here is a full list.
How to Draw by Scott Robertson

How to Draw by Scott Robertson

When it comes to technical drawing, there's no one better than Scott Robertson. I regularly use this book as a reference when eyeballing my perspective just won't cut it anymore. Need to figure out exactly how to rotate an object in 3D space? How to project a shape in perspective? Look no further.

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