Along with Drawabox work, our community members also post other artwork to their sketchbooks.

  • Spikediesel's Sketchbook: Lesson 3:Applying Construction To Plants

  • Lyapka's Sketchbook: Dandelion

  • personman's Sketchbook: practicing the 50% rule since I didn't last time I started the course

  • SKOL's Sketchbook: Lesson 1 HW submission - critique welcome

  • mndlssomssn11's Sketchbook: The back of a beach shack

  • Nostromo's Sketchbook: Selections from my draw a dragon a day challenge

  • DRE3AMERs's Sketchbook: Sketches

  • neighborpat's Sketchbook: Lady

  • FiddlewheelX's Sketchbook: Some of my earlier noodles

  • LZCleric's Sketchbook: Keys to Drawing Exercise 1-F

  • queenbee's Sketchbook: Court of the Rat King

  • ShortJamesBronze's Sketchbook: Did Trent Kanigua’s two point perspective gun exercise

  • MEANDI's Sketchbook: MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!

  • t_swaee's Sketchbook: Latte Carnage King

  • Hobhie's Sketchbook: (Repost) Finished drawing jinx

  • StingS's Sketchbook: Some Drawings I've Done

  • socke's Sketchbook: Drawing a figure for the first time in my life

  • Sally_0622's Sketchbook: Drawing 01: Deep creature's dream

  • Inky_White's Sketchbook: Judge my textures please

  • _pope1's Sketchbook: Constructive sketch of my studio

The recommendation below is an advertisement. Most of the links here are part of Amazon's affiliate program (unless otherwise stated), which helps support this website. It's also more than that - it's a hand-picked recommendation of something I've used myself. If you're interested, here is a full list.
Color and Light by James Gurney

Color and Light by James Gurney

Some of you may remember James Gurney's breathtaking work in the Dinotopia series. This is easily my favourite book on the topic of colour and light, and comes highly recommended by any artist worth their salt. While it speaks from the perspective of a traditional painter, the information in this book is invaluable for work in any medium.

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