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    6:40 PM, Saturday October 3rd 2020

    Thanks, Benj. I will practice this in my warmups. I think repetition is the only way I'll get better. I did try to think about where the points were plotted according to the vanishing point, but I would still sometimes place points incorrectly. Once the lines are down it's sometimes easier to see where things went awry. The worst is when you have your points, ghost the line and then still mess up the line when you draw it.

    4:14 PM, Saturday October 3rd 2020

    Hi Benj,

    I redid a frame. I wasn't sure if a frame constituted a single frame or a page of these. If you want a whole page, please let me know.

    This time turned out a little better except for the box top right. I knew I messed that one up, but I couldn't erase and start it over.


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    8:14 PM, Tuesday September 22nd 2020

    Start small and keep in mind that a lot of times, especially when it's drawing for fun, it's Effort over Outcome. Even if it doesn't turn out like you wanted, you tried and you can learn from it for next time. Was it fun to do? Ask yourself this. We judge our finished pieces, but rarely reflect on the experience of actually drawing the thing. To keep from getting too discouraged, maybe isolate one area and start there. I do timed drawing sessions and that helps me. I don't know what I'm going to draw when I start, but I keep reference images on my phone to draw from and for 30 min I'm drawing something. It isn't always great, but I keep trying.

    6:16 PM, Monday September 21st 2020

    Sorry I missed this! I'm just now getting back to the Draw a Box exercises myself. I spent a long time looking through all the programs listed on that Solo Artist sheet and I think it's a bit overwhelming. Lots of good info though. I'll be checking out some of the courses on that list, but I don't think I could follow it like a per semester curriculum.

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    9:42 PM, Wednesday May 13th 2020

    Hey, Tylerkoh. I'm interested in at least discussing what a study group would look like. Even if that list you linked to isn't a realistic timeline for mastery, it might be a good place to figure out what is possible to improve.

    I submitted a question a few months ago asking about an art accountability buddy or study group. I never followed up on that because I'm not sure what an accountability practice would be online. In-person, if I tell someone I am going to the gym with them and never show, I have to deal with that person in IRL. Online, it's easy to not do something because we are mostly a bunch of strangers. I know our main motivation will be our determination to improve, but a little social pressure never hurts either.

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    3:43 PM, Wednesday May 13th 2020

    I'm working on these myself, but here is what I see. If someone more knowledgable has ideas, please chime in.

    I'm guessing that you are using the tools you have available, but with the light blue marker is hard to tell if you have done these correctly.



    On these, the lines lack some confidence. There's wobble in your line. Maybe try focusing on fluid smooth strokes. Also, make sure you are using your shoulder. This wobble could also be caused by using your hand and wrist too much to control.




    Again, line confidence on the boxes container and the ellipse needs some improvement.



    That's as far as I've gone, so I can't give you reliable advice for the rest of your work. Overall, I think you have made good progress, but need to work a little on smoothness and quality of line.

    4:37 PM, Saturday February 15th 2020

    Hola HeronBison! Okay, let's work together on this. I'm Zen2019 on Reddit if you'd like to get in contact with me to coordinate schedules. I would send you a PM on here, but I don't think the new DAB platform has that yet.

    7:45 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

    Thanks, I overlooked this.

    7:43 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

    Thanks, Benj!

    5:08 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

    Also, on a selfish note, I'd like to know how many critiques I have to do to get these spiders off my avatar's face. Really, I'd pay credits just to get that changed.

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