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    7:33 AM, Thursday April 7th 2022

    Hi, I really liked your organic perspective boxes. It seems pretty solid. Though, you're struggling a bit with some of the rotations for this exercise which is perfectly fine given the difficulty but this was a good attempt overall. However some of your lines are wobbly. You need to work on the ghosting method and on drawing from your shoulder to get confident linework. The same thing happens with the tables of ellipses, it looks like you focus too much on creating a perfect line and you slow down while drawing which results in wobbly lines.

    As for the rotated boxes exercise, when dealing with complex spatial problems it'll help you so much to draw bigger. Also it'll look clearer if you shade the gaps between the boxes.

    I wouldn't recommend you moving forward with un-addressed issues as it will result in creating further issues on top of them.

    But you have potential and you need to use it. Working on lesson 1 over again might seem daunting, but trust me it will benefit your skill in the long run.

    Next Steps:


    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    10:06 AM, Monday April 4th 2022

    thank you for the feedback!

    7:54 AM, Saturday April 2nd 2022
    12:11 PM, Friday February 25th 2022

    Thank you so much, it was very helpful!

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