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    4:40 PM, Sunday June 28th 2020

    Good luck with it! Just a tip that I use with my lines - once youve ghosted between the points and your ready to draw your line, focus your eye on the end point ....

    Hope it helps

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    11:29 AM, Sunday June 28th 2020


    Well done - youre first lesson complete - give yourself a pat on the back. Overall your work is good but I would add just a few points which may help

    Superimposed lines - try to focus on starting at the same point, drawing from your shoulder should improve the fraying at the end.

    Ghosting Lines - take your time!

    Ghosted planes - again you may find slowing things down a little helps with accuracy

    Tables of ellipses - I can see your strokes are becoming bolder, more confident as this exercise goes on. Well done.

    Funnells - watch for gaps between the ellipses and keeping them at right angles to the axis line.

    Plotted Perspective - looks good. Try treating every line on the page with equal importance even the crosshatching.

    I see every reason for you to continue to the 250 box challenge but think you would really benefit in doing your "workouts"

    before every session and SLOW DOWN!

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    2:40 PM, Monday June 22nd 2020

    thank you

    1:11 PM, Sunday June 21st 2020

    Well done - really nice job overall!

    I would just add try and take a little more care with drawing your lines on the rotated boxes lesson - use ghosting the lines until you feel youve got it before drawing and always draw from the shoulder.

    Move on to the 250 box challenge!

    Next Steps:

    250 box challenge up next!

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    3:28 PM, Friday June 19th 2020

    Hi here goes, Overall your work is excellent if incomplete. The rotated box exercise is missing! There are also one or two points i'd like to bring your attention to:-

    Superimposed lines - great but you havnt tried any of differing lengths, they are more difficult the longer they get and also you dont seem to have done any arced or wavy lines. It is important to read the instructions carefully.

    Ghosted planes - your lines on these are brilliant - they were done freehand right? One or two of the ellipses missed the edges but overall pretty good.

    Rough Perspective - lines are a little wobbly here and there. Any lines drawn are equally important so great care shouldbe taken with all of them. The silhouette doesnt appear to have been reinforced either as instructed.

    Rotated boxes - missing

    Organic Perspective - great overall, although watch your lines and only an occasional slip up with the box sizing.

    Good stuff

    Next Steps:

    Complete and submit the rotated box lesson

    Use your warm up sessions to practice your longer and wavy superimposed lines

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    7:38 PM, Tuesday June 16th 2020

    Even though i dont feel experienced enough to offer a comprehensive critique myself at this stage I do agree with the comments of consciouslemon9 below. Youve done extremely well though ....... keep going!

    7:16 PM, Tuesday June 16th 2020

    Thank you - i,ll have a look at yours

    6:54 PM, Monday June 15th 2020

    Actually i havnt managed it - ive done what you suggest and when I press' upload to community' its telling me invalid URL!! Getting very frustrated now!! Any more suggestions please?

    6:11 PM, Monday June 15th 2020

    Thank you ... I did manage it in the end

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