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    1:09 PM, Thursday September 10th 2020

    Okay, thank you!

    12:46 PM, Tuesday August 18th 2020

    Got it!

    10:59 PM, Tuesday July 28th 2020

    Nice, thanks for the reply!

    1:17 PM, Tuesday July 28th 2020

    Thanks for the critique! In the first part, I was trying to make the far side smaller than the near side, but the mechanics of that was a bit difficult, because I had to coordinate the motion with also making the degree larger. I considered starting with the minor axis, then the near side, then the lateral lines and finally putting the far side "inside" the two laterals, trying to make it tangent to both lines, while aligned with the minor axis. Would that make sense?

    12:10 PM, Wednesday June 10th 2020

    Thanks for clarifying!

    1:05 PM, Monday June 8th 2020

    Thanks for the feedback! In particular, the part about point corners makes so much sense, I'll keep that in mind for future constructions.

    4:44 PM, Saturday June 6th 2020

    My revisions are finially done:

    12:04 PM, Wednesday May 27th 2020

    Thanks for the critique, Uncomfortable. I'll do the extra drawings in the next few days.

    8:41 PM, Monday April 20th 2020

    Ah, okay! No worries, I just wanted to check.

    2:06 PM, Sunday April 19th 2020

    Thanks for the comments, Uncomfortable. I'll keep them in mind for the future lessons. One minor thing I noticed is that you wrote at the Next Steps to "move onto lesson 4". It should be 5, right? I don't know if this makes any difference in my ability to submit the next lesson, but who knows...

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