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    12:18 AM, Monday March 14th 2022

    Hi Tofu,

    Thank you so much for the detailed, encouraging feedback. I will work on the things you brought up. I'm excited to move forward!


    5:20 PM, Monday December 13th 2021

    Woot woot! Thank you!!!!

    3:54 PM, Sunday December 12th 2021

    Hi Tofu,

    Here are my 10 + 1 additional boxes:


    Thank you so much for the thoughtful critique and encouragement. I guess I thought the instructions said to avoid dramatic foreshortening by making each Y so that the resulting angles are 90 degrees or greater. Anyway, hopefully this is better! I'm in it for the long haul & have no desire to move forward with un-addressed issues, so I look forward to your honest feedback. Thanks again; really appreciate what you & all the teachers do here at DAB.


    1:38 PM, Sunday November 14th 2021

    ok, thanks!

    10:37 PM, Tuesday September 14th 2021

    Cool, thank you. I will take your advice! So, it can be ANY Y?

    2:45 PM, Friday September 10th 2021

    "I can't be sure but it seems like you are reverting back to using your wrist for line weight which is reinstroducing some wobble into your linework. Just something to keep in mind." yes, I was doing that.

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    2:39 PM, Friday September 10th 2021

    This is a great question & so glad you asked. I am just beginning the Challenge, and I think my question relates to this one so I'll add it here. Thank you to Eric Na for creating the tool that generates box corners to use as starting points. My question is: does the tool generate corners of actual, rectilinear boxes, and I don't have to add any length to any of the sides as presented? If I were able to copy each prompt exactly (not going to happen -- that's just in a perfect world), and I completed each prompt "correctly," would I end up with a perfect, rectilinear box? The reason why I ask is because, even using the prompts, my boxes are terrible. They are never rectangles with squared corners. Is it just that I need more practice, or is it that I might have to add length to some of the sides as presented? I'm only about 20 boxes in, so I suspect that I just need more practice. Thank you for listening!

    2:25 PM, Friday September 10th 2021

    Thank you, Rob, for this detailed critique!!!! Really appreciate it. I will continue to do these warm ups (forever) and have begun the 250 Box Challenge. SO HARD. Yes, you were right about this:

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