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    6:45 AM, Saturday October 23rd 2021

    Thank you, Tofu! I'll take these points into account moving forward and I'll see you all in Lesson 3!

    8:41 PM, Wednesday September 22nd 2021

    Uncomfortable- thank you very much for the explanation, I understand this better now and will keep working on visualizing the objects in 3D space while drawing them. I'll also take what you said about deadlines, schedules, etc. into account and take each lesson as it comes.

    Thanks again and take care!


    11:00 PM, Tuesday September 21st 2021

    Tofu, here is a link to 25 more boxes:

    Thank you for the critique. I didn't feel like I rushed the challenge, but perhaps I was wrong- I am (obviously) new to drawing and might need to calibrate my perception of what is fast or slow. I actually decided moving forward to tackle 1 lesson or challenge per month instead of 2 weeks so that I can be sure that I'm taking my time, so thank you for that.

    I read your critque a couple times and rewatched the video/read the lesson again. I am following the directions as well as I know how, but I feel like these boxes are worse than the ones I submitted before. Again, I am pretty inexperienced so perhaps I am mistaken and you can correct me on that. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but something seems to be throwing off one or more of my interior (draw through) lines in nearly every box. I am taking into account the implied vanishing points and approximating line direction with dots for many of the boxes, but I still seem to miss most of the time. If it is a matter of mileage, then I'll accept that and just keep going, but if you see any red flags in my shapes or lines I'd really like to know.

    Thanks again and let me know if you need me to draw more boxes or what the best plan is moving forward.

    Take care,


    11:02 PM, Monday August 30th 2021

    Rob- thank you very much for the critique and the kind words. I appreciate your feedback and will make sure to up my ellipse practice, especially concerning staying on the minor axis. I draw ellipses for cyclinders just about everyday, but usually without a goal in mind (which, of course, is one of the common mistakes mentioned in the lesson), so thank you for the reminder.

    I will move on to the 250 box challenge like you suggested and submit that two weeks from now.

    Take care,


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