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    12:53 AM, Friday August 25th 2023

    I see, thanks for the reply

    9:27 PM, Wednesday August 23rd 2023

    Thank you for the critique! I have a dumb question regarding the pool of warm ups though. I know that I add the leaves and branches exercises to the pool, but does drawing a plant from reference(s) also count as a warm up exercise?

    1:59 AM, Thursday June 8th 2023

    Thanks for the critique!

    7 users agree
    9:54 AM, Saturday April 1st 2023

    I can't say for certain what the future of art will look like, but I just want to point out that there is nothing "amazing" about AI "art" generators. They are built off of an incredible amount of stolen images from the internet, and artists right now are putting up a genuine fight against unethical ML:

    11:37 PM, Monday March 20th 2023

    Thank you for the critique!

    9:35 PM, Friday January 6th 2023

    Thanks for the critique! I'll try to avoid the automatic reinforcing habit from now on

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