The Indomitable (Spring 2022)

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  • Lesson 7: Applying Construction to Vehicles

  • How much detail should I add to my constructions?

  • Can I reuse a vehicle I drew as a form intersection as one of my full vehicle drawings?

  • Can I use fine liners of different thicknesses in lesson 7?

  • 25 Wheel Challenge

  • How do I use my ellipse template in the wheel challenge?

  • Drawing Prompt: Junkyard Symphony

  • Drawing Prompt: The Court of the Rat King

  • Drawing Prompt: Decanter of Drowning

  • Drawing Prompt: Mascot High School

  • Drawing Prompt: Tea Time at World's End

  • Drawing Prompt: Mushroom Manor

  • Drawing Prompt: Cosmic Confectionary

  • Lesson 6: Applying Construction to Everyday Objects

  • How do I construct a sphere within a box?

  • Correction: Can I use a compass for lesson 6 and beyond?

  • How do I tell what's happening in my drawing in lesson 6?

  • Question about the form intersections for lesson 6

  • 250 Cylinder Challenge

  • Lesson 5: Applying Construction to Animals

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Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks

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