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    3:15 AM, Tuesday October 4th 2022

    Thank you for making the course! I've wanted to learn to draw for years but traditional art classes never clicked for me, and this was the first I found that broke down the fundamentals in a way I understood.

    This question isn't exactly DaB related so I understand if you can't answer, but do you have any advice for navigating learning art without structure? DaB always told me what to do and critiques told me what I did right and wrong, but without them I'm not quite sure what to do.

    My goal with art is to draw comics, which I know requires being able to draw a wide variety of objects, but there's so much to learn that I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start and when to move on.

    9:14 PM, Saturday October 1st 2022

    Here are the revisions.

    Sorry it took so long, I was burnt out after the last lesson and took a break. I tried to plan things out as much as I could but there were some parts I just couldn't figure out how to define.

    The gun turret on the tank in particular broke me. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to get it down preciously but ultimately wound up doing a bit of eye balling. Curves in particular seem to be difficult for me.

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    2:57 AM, Wednesday September 21st 2022

    It's probably just that you're so used to chicken scratching that it's become ingrained as a habit. Habits take time to break, keep resisting the urge and overtime you'll feel it less and less.

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    11:03 PM, Monday September 19th 2022

    Go over the lesson material and practice a bit to get back into the groove of it, then continue where you left off.

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    2:09 PM, Friday September 16th 2022

    Not only is it okay, it's what's intended. DaB isn't a course where each lesson is separate, each lesson builds on itself. The reason you spent so long drawing basic forms in lesson 1 and 2 was so that you could use those forms to build out complex objects.

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    2:34 AM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

    I haven't tried to draw an owl yet but it seems good to me.

    8:59 PM, Sunday September 4th 2022

    Question about the orthographic studies, how much subdividing should I do for them? Because they're a flat rectangle what I did was draw it with the dimensions of the vehicle. For example if I'm drawing a car that's 7 wheels long and 3 wheels high, I'd make a 3x7 inch rectangle and rely more so on the measurements I laid out instead of subdividing, then do subdivisions in the actually drawing. Is that okay or should I do subdivisions on the orthographic study too?

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    7:08 AM, Saturday August 20th 2022

    It varies a lot, not only from exercise to exercise but also from person to person, to the point where there can't be a specific recommended amount of time that works for all or even most situations. It comes down to your own intuition on whether or not you feel you've grasped what you needed to. If you haven't then ideally that would be identified in a critique and then you'll know what you should work on that more.

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    6:40 AM, Saturday August 13th 2022

    Unless they're so bad that your boxes barely even look like boxes, keep going. It's normal to not have great lines by the time you get to the box challenge.

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    7:57 AM, Saturday July 30th 2022

    Personally I've gotten much more out of DaB since switching to paid critique. I went up to lesson 4 on my own before getting fed up with how rare it is to get a community critique, especially past lesson 2. The critiques are very in depth with what I did right and what I need to work on, and I feel more trusting of them since they came from an experienced artist.

    If you can't afford it or plan on doing DaB casually then I wouldn't say it's worthwhile, but if you can afford it and you plan on getting as much out of the course as you can then I recommend trying it. You can take a look at homework on this site submitted for official critique to get an idea of what the critiques are like.

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