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    12:05 AM, Thursday November 25th 2021

    I started doing warm ups after finishing the ghosted lines exercise because before then you don't have much to warm up on. Since you don't submit your warm ups you could do them with something other than ink, but it's still best to do them with the same pens if you can because then you warm up more effectively since you're using the same tool you'll use for the lessons.

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    11:57 PM, Saturday November 20th 2021

    10 boxes a day wore me out too, eventually I started doing just 5 or 6 a day and found that to be better.

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    5:15 AM, Sunday November 14th 2021

    If you're submitting for official critique you should upload all of them. 45 pages is a normal amount if you're doing the recommended number of boxes per page.

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    9:38 PM, Tuesday November 9th 2021

    You have 2 options, continue drawing the rest of your lines following the points you laid down or conform the box to the lines you drew. Which you should choose depends on the exercise. For rough perspective it's important that the the lines making up the front facing side of the box are vertical/horizontal to the horizon line, so I think in this particular case it's better to follow your dots.

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    6:58 AM, Tuesday November 9th 2021

    I haven't finished it yet but from what I've heard it's usually recommended you start with anatomy after lesson 5 since that gets you started on construction of animals, which is very applicable to humans.

    2:49 AM, Friday November 5th 2021

    Yeah I asked on the subreddit too since I wasn't getting responses for a while, but thanks for getting back to me.

    While you're here I have another question about lesson 5, when we're doing 2 drawings for each animal, do both drawings need to be from the same photo or are they each from different photos of the same type of animal?

    2:24 AM, Wednesday October 27th 2021

    Here are the revisions. I've been extremely busy the last month and a half so I didn't have much time to do them for a while, which I think affected my line quality.

    I've read the critique a few times and I'm not quite certain I grasped all of it but I did my best to respect the construction and bend the legs more.

    Regarding the joints, there were a few cases where the joint was at an awkward angle that made the line blend in with the line of the leg. In those cases should I cheat a little and put a line where it's more visible?

    5:39 PM, Wednesday September 15th 2021

    For the lobster and shrimp drawings, do I need to copy all the details included? I'm having a difficult time understanding the finer forms and how they sit in 3D space without having a reference of the actual animal.

    5:32 AM, Wednesday September 8th 2021

    Sorry for the late reply but I have question regarding the crab drawing. From what I understand the issue I had was I was cutting into forms instead of building on them. The reason I bring up the crab is because that's what I believed I was doing by starting with a ball and then adding mass on top of it to make it the shape of the crab's actual body. Can you give an example of how you would go about adding the mass to make it seem 3D rather than 2D?

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    12:43 AM, Saturday August 28th 2021

    There's a lot of improvement here. Don't worry if you still can't draw a perfect box, you're not expected to be able to do that by the end of the challenge. The challenge is mainly to give you some mileage drawing forms in perspective so you have a little experience before tackling more complex forms.

    One critique I do have is that a few of your boxes are a little warped. 177, 217 and 220 are good examples of this. I think what you were trying to do was use dramatic foreshortening to make the box seem like it extends farther back but because they aren't facing front enough it gives the impression of being warped instead.

    Regardless, overall I do think your boxes are good enough for you to move onto lesson 2.

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