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    4:48 PM, Thursday July 9th 2020

    Hi, I just started lesson 3 so my approach may not be great! But here is my attempt -

    What I see from your reference photo is a "drop" at the center of the hibiscus flower. So when I drew the flow of the petals, I tried to capture that sense of depth. It seems less flat by doing so.

    As you said, these are big petals forshortened, especially the 2 in the front. I would draw those two in the front much more distorted. To me, yours look like triangular shapes. The reference photo look more like half circles with the other half bent underneath, so it is not visible in picture - which also means a drastic change in direction of the flow that creates a depth.

    I am curious what others in the community think!

    3:28 AM, Tuesday June 23rd 2020

    yup, you are right!

    10:28 PM, Monday June 22nd 2020

    I read your analysis yesterday and allow myself to take a day to digest. This is some great knowledge you are sharing. I feel vanishiong points make a little bit more sense now. Thank you so much!

    So to answer my own questions under the framework you provided, the intersection lines are not arbitrary. Only the point in the overlap (your step 2) is up to our own choice. Without being able to place the vanishing points of both boxes explicitly on paper, we need to develop the sense to get a rough estimate to draw reasonable-looking intersections. But now I know how to check my attempts! I would think this can be applied to any 3D forms as well because they can be fit into boxes.

    7:27 PM, Saturday June 20th 2020

    And yeah I watched the video but I feel the video is more focused on how to draw them but not why... Perhaps the purpose of this exercise is to make us think in 3D space and get a better sense of it. I just would like to know a little more!

    7:25 PM, Saturday June 20th 2020

    Thanks a lot, scoobyclub! I think my idea of lines needing to be perpendicular does not contradict yours. I should have said the lines needs be perpendicular in 3D space. Or did I miss your point?

    Also I agree with you, in the two examples, only the first one looks valid to me. The second one just looks awful. Would this mean there are certain range of angles these two boxes can possibly intersect? Or is there a way to fix the second one?

    7:23 PM, Thursday May 7th 2020

    Really appreciate the feedback! I really had a hard time with the ellipses. Will keep on practicing!

    10:33 PM, Monday April 27th 2020

    I realize this is exactly my problem too! I was drawing the lines too fast. It created this (false?) sense of confidence.

    10:31 PM, Monday April 27th 2020

    Thanks for the advice! I tried drawing towards myself as you suggested, but it doesn't seem to be working for me :( I guess this practice is also a search of our own best approach!

    10:29 PM, Monday April 27th 2020

    Thank you for the honest answer! I have been practicing ghost lines while continuing with the 250 boxes as i don't want to lose momentum on that. But you are right, it is the most fundemental skills here and i should practice it as much as i can!

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