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    7:02 PM, Wednesday April 7th 2021

    Hi! Thank you so much for the critique and the diagram! I'll keep all of this in mind with the other lessons

    8:36 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

    Hi! thank you for your answer, I actually didn't know there were new videos! I'll watch those too

    8:27 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

    Thank you for your answer! I actually did a lot of warm ups that I remembered from lesson 1 before finishing my boxes, at least enough so I could get back to do smooth lines. I already submited the old homework tho, so I guess I'll just re read the lesson and do the excersices for myself hehe

    10:15 PM, Monday March 29th 2021

    Thank you for the critique and the tips! I'll keep this in mind for my curved lines

    8:29 PM, Monday March 29th 2021

    okay! I'll do that then, thank you!

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How to Draw by Scott Robertson

How to Draw by Scott Robertson

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