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    3:09 AM, Friday March 4th 2022

    Just continue. The boxes are very good but the lines look almost too straight and perfect for hand drawn.....Hmmmm.

    1:28 AM, Wednesday February 23rd 2022

    This is not correct. Official reviews give extensive feedback that feeds into future lessons so anything past lesson 1 and the 250 box challenge needs to be redone as above.

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    1:24 AM, Wednesday February 23rd 2022

    Think of looking straight on at a half a donut. The ellipse at the centre would be a straight line because you would only see the edge. As you go from the centre to the ends of the half donut the ellipses minor axes would widen until at the very end you would have a perfect circle. OK?

    Now imagine you halved that half donut to leave a quarter donut. You would go from a straight line at the middle to a circle with the ellipses only getting wider until it is a perfect circle.

    So it really depends on whether the sausage inverts from turning towards you to turning away ( or vice versa ). I think this is generally what is happening.

    Does this help?

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    5:05 PM, Sunday January 23rd 2022

    Any work submitted for official critique requires all the rules to be followed. This includes using fineliners.

    See here, there are good reasons.

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    12:43 AM, Sunday January 23rd 2022

    Take a long time explain in detail but it looks like you're are not paying attention to vanishing points and how your lines should converge. The 4 parallel edges of the box should converge to a point in the distance. This is not happening with some of yours.

    Look at the second image and the bottom right edge is clearly diverging from the edge above. I think this accounts for most of your problem.

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    11:31 AM, Tuesday January 18th 2022

    Yes, just doodle. See where that takes you.

    The process of studying and the process of creativity are almost opposites which is why the 50% rule is so necessary. Creativity is where the most resistance is found and this resistance needs to be chipped away at. Remember that these drawings are only for you and not for public display.

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    6:54 PM, Friday January 14th 2022

    One of those things that you just need to try and get the feel of. You are correct in that you can ghost too much( or too little ). You are almost waiting for a ghost stroke that feels good and then you go for the drawn line. Occasionally I ghost too much and it feels forced. When this happens I stop, myself shake my shoulders outm and try again.

    Generally I ghost 2 or 3 times before drawing the line.

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    10:09 PM, Wednesday January 5th 2022

    I scribbled through it and started again at the same number. This should really only be necessary on really bad, obvious and egregious mistakes, most should be completed as best as possible to that you can learn from those mistakes.

    FWIW I would say your example doesn't qualify, I think a fair attempt can still be made on that one. Try to complete it and learn from where it doesn't work.

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    1:33 PM, Wednesday January 5th 2022

    If you can afford it go out and get some printer paper ( it's about £4 here in the UK for 500 sheets ). You are going to use a lot of paper. It will just make it easier as well to go along with the exercises and lessons.

    Sketchbooks are best saved for actual sketching as the paper, generally, has quite a different finish to it which may make your fineliners wear out, run out or block quicker.

    1:24 PM, Wednesday December 29th 2021

    Better to start off with smaller overlaps as these will be more obvious how they intersect.

    In general, at the start you have to make a choice about what is in front of what. After that you have to draw your intersection consistent with that choice. The size of the boxes is not particularly important.

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