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    11:01 AM, Thursday August 4th 2022

    Hi Chiran,

    Thank you so much for your super detailed review, I'm really grateful :D

    I will deffo put into practice all your advice

    All the best !

    10:45 AM, Thursday August 4th 2022


    No worries, and regarding the pen, maybe it's running out of ink or just too old, but it could also be that you need to hold it differently, just try different ways of drawing with it and if it still doesn't work, try a new pen :D

    All the best !

    10:45 AM, Friday July 15th 2022


    Don't worry about it, I'm happy to help :D

    Here I've made a little imgur upload that should help you to upload multiple images and share the link.

    Yeah I'm going to mark your lesson as complete now :D I just needed to reply to a response you sent to me for it to give me the option.

    Next will actually be the 250 box challenge where you'll have lot's of opportunity to experiment with different boxes!

    Next Steps:

    On to the 250 box challenge! It'll be long and hard but you can do it!

    Good luck and do your best :D

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    10:07 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022

    Whoops didn't see that those two pages were warm ups till after I sent the critique, my mistake! If you reply with anything it should give me the option to give you a pass :D

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    10:05 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022

    Hi Dwemer80

    I will critique your work for you.

    By the way, with the imgur album, I think you need to upload the images altogether rather than one by one in separate uploads but if you still can't see how to do it let me know and I can try to help you :)


    The super-imposed lines look good, very good clean starting points and your accuracy is quite good, well done for being brave and letting them fray! One thing I'd say is try to do more variations of different kinds of lines such as wavy lines, different degrees of curves and sizes, etc. And also make sure you make bold lines, I can see a few of the lines are a bit faint, but as you were using pencil maybe it's because of that. I know you already have fine-liners now but if you need a better one I recommend the pen by Staedtler listed in the recommended books and materials at the bottom of every page on this website. I got 3 of those and they're really good, I couldn't find one so good in any stores I went to.

    Ghosted lines it looks like they could do with being a bit straighter. Try to draw your lines swiftly from the shoulder, with your eyes focused on the finishing point that you've plotted beforehand. If you see that the your lines generally curve a certain way when you draw them try to consciously curve the other way and it should counter this and make it straight, but it's something to try out. And always make sure that you don't rush when you draw the lines so that the starting point stays clean, the other end it doesn't matter if it isn't accurate, as long as the line is straight and the starting point is clean.

    Your ghosted planes pages are okay, however one of them is not completed. The assignment requires for two filled pages of ghosted planes, so you will need to complete this before I can mark the lesson as complete. They look good but you need to try to get them to fit together well, try not to leave too big a gaps between the planes. In the one that isn't a full page I think it has better experimentation of the proportions of the page, continue this when you complete it.


    Your tables of ellipses look good, the ellipses do seem to be quite uniform so in future when you revisit this exercise try to do wider ellipses mixed with narrower ones, try to make them more varied, as much as you can. Your accuracy with them is quite good, keep practicing to improve it further.

    Your ellipses in planes are good, again the planes could do with being a bit more varied in size and proportion, and they could do with being a bit closer together, other than that, it's great!

    Your funnels look great! One improvement would be to make the ellipses in the centre narrower than the ones at the ends of the funnels and having the ellipses between gradually wider as they go out.


    Your plotted perspective looks superb :) Rough perspective is pretty good, just again with the lines try to make them as straight as possible by doing swift lines drawn from the shoulder. Other than that it's good.

    Your work on rotated boxes is okay, you've packed those lines closer together than you did on the ghosted/ellipses in planes assignments which is good, I would advise that you can improve your work by trying to make the overall thing more round, this might be achieved better by making the faces of the boxes smaller which are towards the edges, towards the horizon of the viewpoint, because as you can see the boxes at the top, bottom and sides have almost as big a face as the box in the middle which should be the largest face. The boxes really are the same size but as they get further away from the viewpoint they appear smaller which is the illusion you are meant to try to create in this exercise. Have a look here at my submission for the rotated boxes assignment to see what I mean with the boxes needing to get smaller towards the 'horizon.' If you do that evenly across all the boxes going out from the middle it should create altogether a circular shape.

    Well done with organic perspective, you've done a good job. To improve it I would say you should rather than replicate the same box from different rotated versions, try to make it turn in other ways too. From what I can see, it's pretty much the same box drawn again and again smaller and smaller (which is almost correct) but you should draw the box from at every view possible, it'll turn from top to bottom, from side to side, rather than just rotating 360degrees repeatedly. Try to revisit this one in exercises in the future and make the boxes give every view from every angle that is possible!

    Overall, very well done for you work.

    Next Steps:

    Please reply with a link to the completed page of ghosted planes.

    I would say to return specifically to ellipses in planes, rotated boxes and organic perspective the most in future for exercises and warm ups.

    Once you get back to me with the completed ghosted planes I will give you the pass to move onto the 250 box challenge!

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    5:18 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022

    Hi Betweenskyandsea,

    I will critique your homework! Well done for your hard work

    Very good clean lines, I think you definitely do make an improvement, some of these boxes are really good! I particiluarly like the page where you had two fixed VPs for two of the axes of each box on that page, looks so cool!

    You have a really good variation of proportions of boxes, lots of different degrees of foreshortening and different sized and shaped boxes. I think your accuracy is already really good with getting the lines to meet up at the VPs but there are sometimes I've noticed where you lines converge in pairs rather than all together, Here is an example of this and here is an example of a box with the relation of each line of one of the axes to the VP illustrated. Have a look to help you to understand better if you need to.

    I don't think any of your boxes had the VP this close, but I noticed you used some very dramatic foreshortening in a few of your boxes, just something to be wary of is that if the VP is too close, the box will distort in shape.

    Your cross hatching when you do it is very good and clean, I think you should do it more because it adds more depth to your boxes! Obvi it's up to you though. What would also improve them is having heavier line weight on the outer lines, maybe try it out!

    Overall you've done super well, congratulations on completing the 250 box challenge :D

    Next Steps:

    Move onto lesson 2.

    Good luck :))

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    4:24 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022

    Hey Batata!

    Nice to meet you, I'll review your submission!!

    Yes, it took way longer for me to than I thought haha, very very time consuming but I think it's worth it

    First off, very well done on your line drawing, which I find very impressive! Very neat, it looks like you've followed the instruction well and taken your time on every line. Very good. I can see that when you started you were less adventurous with your degrees of foreshortening, but more so as you progressed through the challenge, at first they pretty much all had shallow foreshortening but later you did some more dramatic foreshortening, which is good, but I think there is possibility for you to go even further with it. Try to experiment with different axes of the same box having different degrees of foreshortening, so for example, say axis 'x' has very dramatic foreshortening, but axis 'y' and 'z' have shallow foreshortening, or vice versa, 'x' and 'y' dramatic and 'z' shallow, or maybe all dramatic! Just be careful not to make the VP too close as it will cause distortion to the box.

    Another thing is that because you have very shallow foreshortening on most of your boxes, you never really get the chance to see where the lines meet when you mark it with the coloured pens, by have more dramatic foreshortening, you'll be able to see the exact VP and how accurate your lines were. It might also help to put less boxes on each page so that you have more space to draw the coloured lines towards the VP.

    I can see you made huge improvement on your accuracy by the end of the challenge, a lot of your earlier boxes have diverging lines from the VP, but later this improves. Just to give you an example to help you if you need it, here is an example of a box with the relation between the each line of one of the axes to the VP. Please refer to it if you need to ^^

    Your hatching is nice and well-spaced but I think that you could try to make them a little closer together to get more lines in.

    Overall, I think you have done really really well! Congratulations on completing the 250 box challenge!!

    Next Steps:

    Move onto lesson 2 :))

    Good luck and pls reply if you need any help or need me to explain anything any more.

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    4:19 PM, Wednesday July 13th 2022

    No problem, I just realised the links don't work that I put in the text, the first link is and the second one is

    (I hope I've put them the right way round haha)

    Good luck :D

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    5:57 PM, Monday July 11th 2022

    Hello Bhakti123!!

    I'll critique your submission :)

    Congratulations on achieving 250 boxes! It's a lot of hard work so well done.

    You've done a really good job of keeping your boxes tidy, your hatching is very good with good attention to keeping the lines evenly spaced.

    It's very good that you've tried experimenting with different proportions of boxes (e.g. longer, wider, flatter, cube-like, etc. and differing degrees of foreshortening) I would suggest that you try to do this even more as even though your boxes are different proportions with regards to longer ones and flatter ones, etc. you could do with experimenting more with the amount of foreshortening, as most have very shallow foreshortening (VPs which are far from the box). You can do this by having one, two and three axes have dramatic foreshortening, as in for example 'x' axis having dramatic foreshortening and 'y' and 'z' having shallow foreshortening, or maybe 'x' and 'y' dramatic and 'z' shallow.

    One mistake I can see fairly often, which can't exactly be helped when you're first learning and trying to just get to grips with the whole 3 VPs thing, is that your lines sometimes converge in pairs like this so try to pay attention to this when drawing your boxes as you now know this is something you're prone to. Here is something to help you, it illustrates the relation of each line on the axis to the VP, when lines converge in pairs it's because on of the lines is diverging from the VP.

    Overall you have done fantastically well and you are ready to move on to lesson two!

    Next Steps:

    Move onto lesson 2.

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    5:08 PM, Monday July 11th 2022

    Hi Seanman,

    Very well done for all your hard work! I'll critique your work for you and give as much advice as I can :)


    For your super-imposed lines pages, the improvement I would suggest for you to make to your work is to first of all practice more to get those lines more uniform and close together, be sure not to rush, also making sure that your starting points for your lines are very neat, not having lots of different points. Also, try to have a nice bold line when you make your marks, not fearing to put pen to the paper! I'm saying this as some of your lines look a bit too faint, although that may be because your pen is struggling to keep the ink flowing when you make swift marks, which is what you're meant to be doing! I got the pen suggested on this website (linked here it works really well!

    Your ghosted lines submission looks like it needs a little more swiftness in the movement, drawing from the shoulder and not the elbow or the wrist. If you do it like this it will make a far straighter line, also make it swift so your brain doesn't kick in too much making the line wobbly. It doesn't matter if the accuracy of the end of the line is not perfect, you need to learn that movement first before attaining accuracy, just make sure you pen is right on that first point that you marked beforehand.

    Your ghosted planes are needing similar improvement to the ghosted lines, having straighter lines and taking time to keep an accurate starting point of your lines.


    Your table of ellipses and ellipses in planes look very good, make sure to practice getting those ellipses to have as regular shape as possible, meaning to be symmetrical both on the 'x' and 'y' axes. For the ellipses in planes, try to get the ellipses to only touch the planes at the middle point of each side where you have the lines drawn perpendicular to the sides.

    I can see for the funnels that you are following the assignment of having the innermost ellipses to be narrower than the outermost ellipses, with the change being gradual for the ellipses between, but for some they look a bit too uniform, I think for improvement it would be good of you to try your best to make that gradient of narrow ellipses to wider ellipses more apparent as this is important for this assignment.


    Well done with the plotted perspective, again the pen seems like it doesn't give enough ink on some of the lines as they're very faint, so consider a new one. For rough perspective, again try to draw the lines as straight as possible. Super good job on rotated boxes, looks very neat. I can see that one side doesn't come out as much as the others so try to make sure the boxes are the right size to make it more even. I can see on the first panel of the organic perspective pages you were having some trouble with getting the orientation of the box as the lines on each axes were not converging, but I am very pleased at the improvement you made already by the second page, the boxes look so much better so very well done!

    Next Steps:

    I will mark you as ready to move on, although perhaps practice again with the funnels with the advice I've offered you as I think you could make some improvement on that. You're ready for the 250 box challenge! yay! Do your best, your work with the organic perspectives homework is very promising and I think you'll see very good improvement after completing that challenge.

    Very well done!

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