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    1:46 PM, Thursday July 28th 2022

    Hi, good job completing the lesson 1.

    I can see your lines are improving nicely with every attempts and you have done well with superimposed lines.

    However, I noticed some of lines with wobbles in the middle. While it is alright to start with wobbles and fraying near the end of the line, you must pay attention to those, as when you eventually draw with wobbling lines it will get frustrating.

    You might need to work on superimposed lines with confidence for a while until you can draw lines with almost no wobbles and fraying in the middle. I believe you will eventually produce consistent straight lines with confidence and it will help you a lot the future (doesn't mean it will be free of wobbles and fraying, but close enough).

    Moving into ellipses, I can see you're doing really well although some of them can get really uneven and loose. You might need to take some time to develop your muscle memory on doing those ellipses, which you can do by doing warm-ups before doing subsequent Drawabox lessons. I'd also recommend having more patience with planning your shapes with ghosting, every single of them. Otherwise, your ellipses are well done.

    We'll continue with rough perspective assignment. At this part, you need to make sure to draw boxes with confidence. That's what the line exercise for. I can see you're struggling with boxes furthest from the VP, as your lines often overshoot the VP. You might need to work more on such situation. Otherwise, you've done well in this part.

    Next into rotating boxes, I can see you have some difficulties with boxes further rotating into each corners, since they don't look they're rotating properly in perspective. However, it's still a great start from what I saw, as most people will have harder time with this exercise. Once again, it's well done.

    The last one, organic perspective. Here, I'll recommend you to work on your rough perspective by taking your time doing 250 boxes challenge in the next one. Although some tight boxes has decent perspective, you can see bigger boxes going wild without really converging into a single VP. Anyway, take your time with perspective exercise. Knowing a good perspective is helpful, but doing it intuitively is much better.

    Overall, you're doing really good with your first exercise.

    Next Steps:

    You might need to work more on your line confidence. Make sure to do line and ellipse exercise for warmups, or whenever you have a piece of paper and a pen with you. Keep in mind of this and you will be ready to move on to the 250 Boxes Challenge.

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
    2:49 PM, Thursday November 11th 2021

    No, I don't meant what we're doing here is less precise, maybe I'm doing it wrong and got less than expected result. I also stopped using ellipse guides for this challenge because they're too small.

    Hmm, Scott Robertson's book, way to go then. Thank you for your guidance!

    3:32 PM, Wednesday November 10th 2021

    Ah, alright. I'm just wondering if there's a more precise way to draw a square around the minor axis that can work for chests of any dimension (chests with long/short depth), so I can draw a more precise ellipse. Since the depth is converging to the "horizontal" vanishing point, how do you measure the height part of the square, which is vertical?

    4:40 AM, Thursday November 4th 2021

    I see, there's one thing still bugging me, how do you illustrate the length of the lid when it's being rotated along the axis if the box is longer than its height? Is there a tool for this?

    2:19 AM, Thursday November 4th 2021

    Thank you very much for your guidance!

    First, I will admit that I often miss those instructions placed in middle of the lesson, especially when I'm drawn toward instructional videos and homework instruction placed in the end. So yeah, sorry for this.

    Second, about the full ellipse, I was thinking that because some boxes doesn't have symmetrical shapes (some boxes are longer and also shorter than the most), then it will make awkward, narrow ellipses. That's why I mostly ghost my full ellipses and draw partial part of them instead. However, I'll take note of this in the future. It seems I haven't fully grasped the core concept of this one, lol.

    Third, I admit this has become a habit when I'm doing a challenge that requires 100/250 objects where I try to cram a number of shapes in one paper. Drawing big shapes still feel difficult to me due to the lingering fear of messing the bigger picture. I'll try to take this advice to heart though.

    Finally, it's sad that I won't be seeing your critique anymore after finishing this challenge. I've grown to like those instructional videos and your critiques so far, lol. Anyway, it's time to move on. Thank you very much again!

    4:53 AM, Thursday October 14th 2021

    Thank you very much! I had a blast with doing the last lesson, despite occasional frustrations from solving perspective problems. I'm really satisfied with how this course provided a solid fundamental skill that I can rely on. Although early on I felt this course is like a chore, in latter lessons I had fun with constructing complex objects with skills I have gained from previous lessons. Meanwhile I'll finish texture and box challenges while I'm still at it before moving on other discipline (figure drawing, rendering, and more perspective via Scott Robertson's How to Draw).

    I'm glad I can see through the course to the end and gained a fun lifestyle while doing it. Thank you for your guidance, I really mean it.

    1:41 PM, Monday August 30th 2021

    I understand the objective of the last lesson. Actually I found an ellipse guide already, it's called "oval guide" here. It still has ellipses of different degrees and I think it's passable. So yeah, I'll start immediately!

    Also, I'm from Indonesia.

    2:42 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

    Hi, I already looked at some ellipse guides and I couldn't find any locally, so I have to procure one from Amazon which can be expensive because of the shipping and import tax. Is there an alternative to using ellipse guide? Thanks!

    2:00 AM, Sunday August 29th 2021

    Thank you very much! I had fun constructing box shapes but I'm afraid my ellipses will destroy the whole constructions. I'll check this master ellipse template you said.

    2:23 PM, Saturday July 24th 2021

    Thanks for the critique, and sorry for the long revision submission, it's here.


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