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    7:20 PM, Tuesday October 13th 2020

    I've pretty much finished my texture challenge, would it be okay to send it in later today? im not sure if the 14(?) day break in between lessons counts when i submitted my first homework or my revisions.

    & for the treasure chest challenge i heard someone doing it after lesson 7, would it be more recommended to do it before or after lesson 7 or does it not matter?

    3:55 AM, Friday September 25th 2020

    Thanks so much!!! i'll try to use some real life pictures if i can from now on, If its okay, could i do the texture challenge and the treasure chest challenge before the wheel one?

    12:36 PM, Thursday September 24th 2020

    hello uncomfortable hope your doing well, Ive finished my redos! sorry for being late, mentally ive been doing poorly and the art burnout got to me hard, this lesson was super difficult and I gave up multiple.times while trying and eventually I just pushed through even though my results were frustratingly garbage.

    thanks for the critique as always.


    http://imgur.com/a/SZmzSeM (reference photos used)

    12:34 AM, Thursday August 27th 2020


    i tried to draw two as a sample, and also i had a small inquiry on my second one, when the subdivision lines dont exactly match up do we push foward with the mistakes (even if they are extremely off?) or if its off by a lot we can fix them? i know we arnt suppose to correct our mistakes but if its super off, wouldnt it ruin the drawing exercise if you cant do it correctly?

    ive been trying to "compensate" for my mistakes but im not sure whether if im doing it right by correcting my mistakes if that makes sense. i think im confused between compensating mistakes vs which mistakes i need to push through

    8:29 PM, Monday August 24th 2020

    thanks uncomfortable. sorry for the question, i tried to ask the discord but i didnt get any answers and im not sure if i wanted to wait and see if someone would reply to me so hopefully its okay to ask here but how exactly do you subdivide it into 16 boxes? i can do it once or twice but after that i dont know where to put my next lines.


    2:51 AM, Sunday July 26th 2020

    Ok sorry about that again thanks for helping out!

    8:05 PM, Saturday July 25th 2020

    thanks for the clarification! also on the lesson 6 page we are allowed to use tools to help us out? (rulers/ellipse guides etc etc)

    it also says

    Whenever drawing freehand, I still want you to apply the methodology I've outlined in the past - the ghosting method, drawing through ellipses, and so on.

    in which areas are we allowed to use rulers and such vs freehand drawing?

    10:58 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

    sorry for the late reply, thank you for the critique!!

    ive moved on to start lesson 6, and i have a few small questions.

    1) when we are sub-diving a box for example, do we have to subdivied every single plane? (so the ones we cannot see without drawing through) or can we just subdivide the ones that are needed?

    2) I was planning to draw this pencil sharpener i have, and theres a lot of stuff going on underneath it,

    would i have to draw these forms underneath as well or can i just leave it as a simple elipse opening? if that makes sense.


    2:19 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

    sorry for the late reply! thanks for the feedback!!

    2:18 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

    sorry for the late reply. thanks so much for the feedback i think i can do this on my own better now!

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