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    12:08 AM, Thursday December 3rd 2020

    hey thanks for the reply! ive been practicing for almost a week now and i still cant seem to improve myself at these even when i try to look for mistakes, i think i have a big issue with "overlap and compressing" my arrows.

    my first initial curve/s curve is always looks wrong for some reason even after many tries

    12:42 PM, Sunday November 1st 2020

    ok thanks!

    11:07 PM, Friday October 30th 2020

    okay, thanks so much, also small thing but are we allowed to use different colored pens to make the drawing easier to see and organize or is it just strictly black ink for this challenge?

    6:55 PM, Friday October 30th 2020

    just for practice the process of making an open box is something like this? there should be a closed chest underneath but i just wanted to get the lid making-process(?) correct,


    2:37 PM, Friday October 30th 2020

    okay thanks for clearing that up, how do i draw the ellipse at the right size without guessing? i don't have an ellipse guide or anything sadly just a pen and ruler.


    someone told me to double the distance of the box and then draw the ellipse but im not sure if this is correct. also im a bit confused at what you mean by

    where the red and yellow lines meet as its center. The edge (both yellow and red) serve as the circle's radius - it remains the same length in 3D space

    2:34 AM, Saturday October 24th 2020

    hello sorry for the bother, i did ask this question in the discord but i couldnt really get an answer, in the chest challenge we arnt required to draw the circle ellipse thing if we are working on tradtional is that correct? i dont think the video for this explained how to draw the chest without the circle, im not sure if this is the correct way of drawing a chest but https://imgur.com/a/DHPRvpR

    i draw a normal box and then i extended the lines further (the green lines) and then attach red lines and connect it that way.

    also when you draw the chest you start of by drawing the ground plane first, would it be find if i still used the 'y' method to draw the inital box?

    1:37 AM, Tuesday October 20th 2020

    alright thanks again for the critique and clarification!

    9:29 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

    okay i see, so its fine if i do the chest challenge as my next assignments? I just planned on taking a bit of a break from drawabox in-between lesson 7 if thats okay, since i wanted to maybe focus more on other art related content but i was interested in what the chest challenge offered so i want to do it right now

    2:40 PM, Monday October 19th 2020

    Thanks for the critque it actually helped me out a lot i think! i do think some of my textures ended up being flat looking and i wasnt thinking about everything in 3D, i was just more focusing on trying to get the texture to actually look like the texture more than anything, and i ended up relying on the negative/positive shapes. that makes a lot more sense though and i'll try to practice these a bit more and focus on the 3D aspects and drawing shadow shapes instead of lines! :)

    im not sure if you saw my previous question (its ok if you didnt) but the treasure chest challenge i heard someone doing it after lesson 7, would it be more recommended to do it before or after lesson 7 or does it not matter? id definately want to do it right now but not sure if its more benefical to save it to the end.

    4:18 AM, Wednesday October 14th 2020

    i sent them in just now & i didnt check the date of my previous homeworks so i wanted to make sure it was fine, so thanks!

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