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    7:06 PM, Tuesday August 31st 2021

    thanks for the help! will follow and just review some key information in past lessons :)

    7:05 PM, Tuesday August 31st 2021

    thanks for the help! i'll try to dig up some notes and do some review for a bit :D

    1:29 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

    yeah thanks for the input! its been a while but i have been practicing and drawing on and off for the entire time just not specifically drawabox content, and re-applying for pateron and starting where i left off should be okay as well?

    12:00 AM, Sunday December 13th 2020

    thanks for the help i'll take it into practice asap :D

    12:00 AM, Sunday December 13th 2020

    alright will do! thanks for the help!!

    12:38 AM, Thursday December 10th 2020

    oh one thing sorry i forgot to ask, when ghosting how are you suppose to do that and also, make the second line in segments? (im actually not drawing it in segments just one continious line for the most part so)

    12:35 AM, Thursday December 10th 2020

    its ok sorry for the late reply as well,thanks for the help ill try to do this next time im practicing!

    12:33 AM, Thursday December 10th 2020

    Hey thanks for the reply! ill be trying to take some of this tips into consideration :D hopefully it'll help!

    8:19 PM, Thursday December 3rd 2020

    okay i see, so its just a matter of practicing a lot? i wasnt sure if it was my hand-eye cordination going out of sync or something im not sure so i was kinda feeling pretty hopeless after a few days of practice lol....

    would it be feasible to go slow at first to align my curves and work my way up to more confidently and quick lines?

    4:42 AM, Thursday December 3rd 2020

    hey thanks for the help! yeah i have a huge trouble with trying to replicate an identical curve underneath, i try to go quick so its a smooth line but i cant draw the line super slow or ill wobble if that makes sense? im not sure how to get a smooth line and also make sure its alligned correctly at the same time?

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