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    2:51 AM, Sunday July 26th 2020

    Ok sorry about that again thanks for helping out!

    8:05 PM, Saturday July 25th 2020

    thanks for the clarification! also on the lesson 6 page we are allowed to use tools to help us out? (rulers/ellipse guides etc etc)

    it also says

    Whenever drawing freehand, I still want you to apply the methodology I've outlined in the past - the ghosting method, drawing through ellipses, and so on.

    in which areas are we allowed to use rulers and such vs freehand drawing?

    10:58 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

    sorry for the late reply, thank you for the critique!!

    ive moved on to start lesson 6, and i have a few small questions.

    1) when we are sub-diving a box for example, do we have to subdivied every single plane? (so the ones we cannot see without drawing through) or can we just subdivide the ones that are needed?

    2) I was planning to draw this pencil sharpener i have, and theres a lot of stuff going on underneath it,

    would i have to draw these forms underneath as well or can i just leave it as a simple elipse opening? if that makes sense.


    2:19 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

    sorry for the late reply! thanks for the feedback!!

    2:18 PM, Friday July 24th 2020

    sorry for the late reply. thanks so much for the feedback i think i can do this on my own better now!

    4:56 PM, Thursday July 16th 2020


    i tried to practice again do you think these look correct? http://imgur.com/a/RJLe1m8

    (sorry for the blurry pic it seems my file got messed up a bit but hopefully u can see)

    1:58 AM, Thursday July 16th 2020

    hello thanks for the advice it helped me a lot!


    i have some examples of me practicing. im not sure if its right but i attempted haha....

    for #1 in the example, i have no idea where to start and end the line?

    1:53 AM, Thursday July 16th 2020

    hey there thanks so much for helping me out!

    i did notice my lines change direction too much, so i tried to practice that (no clue if it is correct but)


    what counts as an edge ? for example im having a lot of trouble on #1 in the image example. if i draw a line where do i stop the line?

    10:33 AM, Wednesday July 15th 2020

    sorry i still dont really understand how you "choose one line" where do you start to draw the line?

    1:29 AM, Wednesday July 15th 2020

    thanks thats a good idea ill try it from now on :)

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