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    8:59 AM, Monday March 21st 2022

    Good job on completing the exercise!

    Here is some feedback!


    Overall, you have done a good job with your lines. A few of them curve just a tiny bit, but they are drawn confidently and are mostly accurate. The superimposed lines also only have fraying on one end which is good.


    You drew through the ellipses multiple times as per the instructions, good job! Also, you've done a wonderful job keeping the ellipses snug and fitting to the edges of the tables and planes. The same is true for the funnels, the horizontal line cuts nicely through the center (as far as my eyes can tell, haha ).


    Your lines are very confident and straight - I am amazed by how accurate they are - especially on the rough perspective - but you definitely did a good job with the rest of the box exercises as well.


    You nailed this exercise! You were able to express a good understanding of the lessons, the instructions and what was expected of you!

    Good luck with the 250 boxes challenge!

    Next Steps:

    You've done well so far! Good luck on the rest of your journey :)

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    8:39 AM, Monday March 21st 2022

    Thank you for taking the time to give me helpful feedback and tips! I appreciate it :)

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