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    11:47 PM, Sunday November 22nd 2020

    Hello ThatAlad, ill be judging your homework today.

    Superimposed lines: they are good, lines fray only on one end and they dont curve much

    Ghosted lines: lines are confident and mostly straight. Your accuracy is also pretty good

    Ghosted planes: lines are straight, confident and accurate. Good job

    Table of ellipses: ellipses look mostly good, but they are not always shaped smooth, as you try to fit them inside the borders, making them egg shaped. Its not much, but keep practicing this one

    Ellipses in planes: very good, not many are misshaped

    Funnels: some ellipses miss the minor axis and are misshaped, but its acceptable

    Plloted perspective: not much to say, its correct tho you could have added couple more in each frame

    Rough perspective: lines that dont go into the VP are parallel to the sides of the paper most of the time. The accuracy of converging lines will improve in the 250 boxes so dont worry that its "getting worse"

    Organic perspective: now here i see couple problems. First the boxes become bigger and smaller almost at random, instead of them getting gratualy larger as they get closer to us. Second one is that some boxes have a very broken and incorrect shape. This will, again, improve with the 250 box challenge

    Rotated boxes: here firstly, i have to tell you that you're not really supposed to be able to do this exercise. Now here i can see that most of the boxes fit pretty good and are rotating correctly. You shouldn't have hatched out the upper sides of the boxes as it just creates confusion. We just hatch the sides of the boxes that we only partialy see. Still pretty good

    Congrats, you have sufficiently gone over lesson one and I mark it as complete. One suggestion I can give you is that you dont do these lessons and then just go and work only digitally. Graphic tablets are a whole another thing you would need to learn on top of the drawing fundamentals we do here. Personally I make sketches on paper and then do final lines and color on PC.

    As for your solidworks knowledge, as a regular user myself, I can tell you that it will give you huge advantage with couple exercises in lesson 2 and with perspective and construction understanding in general. Sorry but no specific suggestion for your r34 art, except to just finish draw a box as it will give you the necessary building blocks to be able to draw anything later on.

    Next Steps:

    Your next step should be the 250 box challenge.

    See ya in the later lessons!

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    11:06 PM, Sunday November 22nd 2020

    Hello Prashant996, Ill be critiquing your homework so lets start.

    Superimposed lines: they are good, line fray only on one side and don't curve too much. Same goes for teh curves

    Ghosted lines: very confident, clean and mostly straight, nothing wrong to point out. Good job

    Ghosted planes: same as the ghosted lines, they are good

    Table of ellipses: ellipses are confident, but you tend to stretch them so they touch all the edges, making them look miss shaped. They are acceptable but keep practicing them

    Ellipses in planes: here you have the same problem, but much less then in the tables.

    Funnels: most are fine, but there are some ellipses that miss the minor axis

    Plloted perspective: not much to say here, its fine

    Rough perspective: its correct, but keep in mind that the lines that dont go into the VP should be completly horizontal/vertical (keep that in mind when doing 250 boxes). Also its better if you stop the red lines on the horizon line so that they dont cross over. Not much of a problem just an fyi

    Organic perspective: correct, the cubes become bigger as they come closer in an organic matter. Most boxes are also good but there are some that are totally broken but again you'll get the hang of it with the 250 box challenge

    Rotated boxes: this one is very good, almost perfect. Great job

    Next Steps:

    Congrats, your work is very good and I mark this lesson as complete. Your next step should be the 250 box challenge. Don't forget to do a warm up before every session and aslo the 50% rule.

    See ya in the following lessons!

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    6:45 PM, Thursday November 19th 2020

    Ok I did them all and it wasn't as hard as i made it out to be.

    Could you please take a look at it now https://drawabox.com/community/submission/ODDROJLU

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    11:01 PM, Tuesday November 17th 2020

    Heya, today I will be critiquing your homework

    Superimposed lines lines are confident and are not curving much but they fray on both ends. It is fine for them to fray on the end but not on the beginning.

    Ghosted lines confident, straight but your accuracy isn’t the best (its fine you’ll get better at that)

    Ghosted planes lines are straight but here but your accuracy is too wacky which makes me think you should ghost the lines more and try to start from a dot towards the end dot (your lines are often way in front of way behind the points).

    Tables of ellipses you nail the placement from the upper and lower border but often overlap your ellipses (which isn’t good), but the shape is mostly good and confident

    Ellipses in planes they are good, they hit all the borders and you don’t try to distort the ellipses in order for them to fit

    Funnels not bad ellipses mostly follow the minor axis, with couple exceptions. Also, they should change the degree of them from the middle outwards. Please don’t draw on a used lunch bag.

    Plotted perspective Its correct

    Rough perspective Mostly same problems as in the ghosted lines. Besides that, lines that don’t converge into the VP should be parallel to the sides of the paper (this is a common mistake just keep it in mind while doing the 250 boxes)

    Organic perspective Boxes don’t change size enough, they should get much bigger closer to us they get, but it should be done gradually, not in steps like you’ve done. Also, sometimes they make no sense, boxes that are behind are bigger than those in front.

    Rotating boxes Even tho it’s very difficult you should try to finish it no matter how it turns out. Besides that, sides of boxes that are next to one another should be parallel, meaning the the gap between boxes should be the same width between every box. You don’t cross out that gap you cross out one side of the box that is visible.

    Next Steps:

    Congrats, you have passed lesson one. You got most things correct, but your biggest problem is accuracy of lines. Before every lesson or any drawing you do in general, you should practice these exercises, but ghosted lines especially.

    Have fun with 250 boxes!

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    6:26 PM, Tuesday October 27th 2020

    Thanks for the reply I'll definitely think about it while I draw. Since I posted this I've been pushing trough it and have started to get is very slowly but surely.

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    12:15 AM, Wednesday October 21st 2020

    Hello DarkBasilisk

    Superimposed Lines

    Lines are confident, straight and there’s not much fraying at the end, good job.

    Ghosted Lines

    Not much to say, the lines are straight and accurate so again great job.

    Ghosted Planes

    Here your lines go perfectly from dot to dot but there are some lines that arc or seem to change their course. Instead of shooting perfectly from one point to the other you should ghost, ghost, ghost and then in the same rhythm draw the line. Even if its little too short or too long you should prioritize them being straight. They are still good just keep that in mind.

    Tables of Ellipses

    The placement is good with most of the ellipses touching all sides but there are some that are misshapen (especially on the second page). All and all its good.

    Ellipses in Planes

    Most of the ellipses are fine but there is a good amount of them that have an egg shape and wobbly line. Make sure to ghost the ellipse couple of times and then just draw it in one swoop without slowing down to correct the placement. Shape before accuracy.


    Here the main point of the exercise is to align ellipses along one axis that is parallel for all of them. Some of them fit correctly but some are off (second page especially). Keep in mind that the axis should divide the ellipse into two equal parts.

    Plotted Perspective

    Nothing much to say about this one besides going over the outer lines of the boxes so they don’t blend in with the plotted lines as much.

    Rough Perspective

    You didn’t follow the converging lines towards the vanishing point, instead you connected the corners with said VP. The first panel is correct and is the result you should expect. From what I see they are mostly fine even the the green lines are connected incorrectly.

    Rotated Boxes

    This one is almost perfect even tho it is not something you’re quite ready to do. Only thing I could say is that you should have rotated them more but don’t worry you'll get better at that after doing the 250 box challenge.

    Organic Perspective

    The main thing is that the perspective isn’t bad and should only get better with the 250 boxes. Besides that you have couple panels in which the boxes stay almost the same size when they should get bigger as they come closer to the viewer.

    Next Steps:

    Well done on completing lesson 1!

    Even tho there are some hick ups you should move on to the 250 box challenge but don't forget to practice these exercises at least 10-15 minutes before each session and to draw other stuff besides DAB lessons!

    Best of luck in the following lessons

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