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    9:16 PM, Saturday October 28th 2023

    hello! i shall be critiquing ur pieces of paper! keep in mind though that this critique may not be entirely accurate due to my lack of experience, so you might have to review your own homework and trying to see where you went wrong. hopefully though, this critique is at least a bit helpful! when looking over your work, try reviewing this link for reference.


    i would say your linework is pretty good already! i can tell you were trying to prioritize confidence and while you were inaccurate some times, i can tell by the ghosted lines exercises that you'll get more accurate with time. the lack of fraying at the start for the superimposed lines is also proof of this! so good job on that! you also made sure to plot your points from what i can tell! if you realize that you didn't do any of these things intentionally... WELL now u know, so try thinking abt them more!

    however, one thing i would suggest working on is trying to fix your arched lines, while in the superimposed lines exercise you were pretty careful with not fraying at the beginning, there is a heavy arch in some of the lines you've drawn. this is also really evident in your boxes. while it's not exactly wobbly per say, i can tell that you're not really used to trying to draw straight lines so the lines are usually a bit curved. to fix this, i would suggest that whenever you notice a line is arching towards one direction, try to do it in the opposite direction. ALSO! remember to draw your lines from your shoulder, because that is also a cause of arching lines!

    another thing, i would suggest working on trying to not repeat your lines after you've already drawn them, most evident in the boxes you've drawn. this is extremely detrimental for line confidence and it's best to leave a line alone and own it rather than trying to draw over it repeatedly. it's confusing for the audience, and does not help you grow either.

    but regardless of what i've said, GREAT JOB!


    i would honestyly say that uve got rlly confident ellipses already! i dont have much to say about this section, but i can see that you've been following the instructions carefully and thats great! just remember to prioritize your confidence with ellipses over accuracy, which you are already doing pretty well.

    however, i would say at the stage you're at with ellipses, it would be beneficial to start thinking more about accuracy as while you were pretty accurate with your ellipses, try to keep the ellipses within their own bounds!


    so, the first thing i noticed is the linework in this part, remember to keep the principles of good linework even when continuing on to boxes! trust me, you will REALLY need it for anything not just involving boxes. while i can tell that you know how to create boxes as seen by your plotted boxes, the lines make the boxes fall a bit flat. so remember: WORK ON THOSE LINES!!

    back to boxes, i can tell that you struggled with the plotted perspective a bit, just remember though that with more time, youll get more used to it! remember to make those lines converge! being conscious of your mistakes while doing your line correction in the rough perspective and trying to avoid them later is a good way to improve on this particular aspect! itll take time, but youll get your mileage soon enough with the 250 boxes.

    now, on to the rotated boxes... i can tell you really put a lot of work in those boxes and THATS GREAT! you relied on ur technical knowledge and for that, KEEP IT UP! and the fact that i can clearly tell u made sure that these boxes were rotating, so GREAT JOB FOR THAT TOO!

    as for the organic perspective boxes, try to make sure that each axis of those boxes converge! i notice that in some of the boxes, the lines either are parallel or diverge, so remember to apply what uve learned not just in those specific exercises where it highlights that certain aspect, but also in all the exercises you have or will ever see in drawabox!

    REMEMBER THOUGH: even though i complimented u a lot, make sure to remember to work on your flaws! and on the inverse, if you feel overwhelmed the critiques i've given you, just know that you're already doing pretty well, just take these critiques as learning oppurtunities and ull have gone farther than uve have ever imagined in ur art journey!

    Next Steps:

    1 page of Organic Perspective

    1 page of Rough Perspective

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    1:18 AM, Tuesday September 12th 2023


    i didnt know u had to take photos before u added ellipses

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