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    7:18 PM, Sunday August 8th 2021

    Ya I agree with you on this. Ill try and tackle this later once I've become more comfotable with construction in general. Thanks for the fast response.

    7:16 PM, Sunday August 8th 2021

    Thanks for the advice and feedback. Reading your respons I can see now that im trying to jump straight into the deep end before fully understanding basic construction. First time posting here so its great to get some guidance on the lessons.

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Many of you are interested in drawing digitally, and that is a fine aspiration. You should still be learning your fundamentals in ink, but once you've gotten a grasp of things and finally feel you're ready to move onto digital media, be sure to check out Matt Kohr's Ctrl+Paint.

They're well structured and have a huge selection of free videos, so be sure to check them out.

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