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    4:16 AM, Wednesday November 3rd 2021

    I'll take note of these. Thanks for taking the time!

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    3:55 PM, Wednesday June 23rd 2021

    First of all congrats on finishing lesson 2! Despite already completing lesson 3, each lesson completion is a small win which is a big win! Now onto the critique.

    Organic Arrows

    Your arrows are fairly good, you have a variety of perspectives and they all overlap each other. Good job!

    Organic Forms with Contour Lines

    Your forms has a hard time being consistent like it starts tampering its size from big to small at times, you also start to have this long forms and then this chunky forms which just complicate things. You also forgot to establish the flow for one of you forms, make sure you take more advantage of the flow line in the future. Now for your contours:

    1. Contour Ellipses - Your ellipses are okay, the ellipses snuggle fairly nicely in your forms and you also draw through your ellipses, but they sometimes come out of their forms and the minor axis of your ellipses are a little far off or doesn't really change much at times to really describe the form in space.

    2. Contour Curves - Your curves may need more work, some of your curves doesn't wrap around the forms properly and some are way too loose.

    I recommend you do some warms-up on ellipses and do some organic forms without the worry of ellipses instead focus on the consistency of the form themselves. Remember when you get overwhelmed by a big problem make sure to break it down into small problems that you can handle

    Texture Analysis

    I'll be honest your textures arn't the best, your too random, the transition from dense to sparse is really not there and you tend to scribble your lines, but that can be excused for now since exercise's purpose was to introduce and force you at the deep end of the pool anyway.

    Remember, textures somewhat has a harmony to them you somehow just need to observe them more and somehow find it, take advantage of the references you have and a take your time


    This dissections are pretty good, there's some that still carries the flaws from your texture analysis but some are good, you even took the time to write some notes about the textures (basically your texture analysis redemption arc). You curved the form and have a strong silhouette, good job.


    Nice job! The forms are able to co-exist in the same space real nicely, the only thing i notice you seem to struggle with are the cylinders. As for the intersections not bad, though I'm a little confused on why some of your forms don't intersect with some forms but intersect with some, some of your forms (especially the boxes page) is implying that their overlapping, which breaks the idea that this forms co-exist in the same space.

    You said you struggle with intersections but I don't really have much to say considering I think their well done, my main takeaway is intersections are a series of decisions, you decide if how this forms reacts to the other forms, you're going to think about what are you trying to convey, it's all up to you

    Organic Intersections

    You done a phenomenal job with this forms, they all just stack up on each other naturally! But some of your shadows are a little too timid which is implying the light source is really far away or is really weak which sadly gives you less privilege to describe the form more, to deliver more visual information to the viewer.

    I get your point that uncomfortable doesn't really offer that much examples of him using implicit shading (cast shadows only) but we're not trying to be like him, were trying to be our best selves, so I recommend you somehow take uncomfortable's instructions when doing these exercises despite sometimes the contradictions in his examples

    Sorry for the critique for taking awhile I'm pretty slow when it comes to critiques. I hope the things I pointed out and advice I gave can help you in this journey of becoming a better artist.

    Next Steps:

    Since you finished lesson 3 and you have some problems with texture I recommend you do the 25 texture challenge or do it alongside lesson 4

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    3:25 PM, Tuesday June 22nd 2021

    Great! I can access it now.

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    2:44 PM, Monday June 21st 2021

    Hey dude, I think your image hosting for your submission is a dud, nothing is really loading and appearing, I recommend you reupload your homework

    2:38 PM, Monday June 21st 2021

    Sure dude, I'll try to find some time.

    Thanks for the good luck!

    3:43 AM, Saturday June 19th 2021


    I'll definitely do that, considering my goals at the beginning of the lesson were very shallow honestly. The goal was just to finish the lesson... Sure overtime that changed but now that you mentioned it I think I want to push the idea of setting goals even further. Warm-ups is basically in my DNA now haha. Details and shadows I'm working on it, been rereading a lot of lesson 2 to do my best on the 25 texture challenge. Thank you so much for critique, have a nice day!

    3:52 AM, Monday May 24th 2021

    Lautaro Thank you so much for the detailed critique

    You were able to point out mistakes that I was honestly unaware off

    I will certainly take more breaks this time and go through the drawabox exercises with a healthy mindset instead of rushing and getting frustrated

    thank you again for the critique and reminders... I really needed it

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    6:50 AM, Friday April 23rd 2021
    1. Extending Lines in The Wrong Direction

    A small issue which is only present in your early boxes, though it can make a big difference when reviewing what's wrong with your boxes. Always be mindful of that.

    1. Diverging Lines and Parallel Lines

    Your diverging lines are pretty rare and are only prominent in your early boxes but you seem to have a good number of parallel lines with your boxes which is impossible for boxes in 3 point perspective. Be aware of that fact when constructing boxes

    1. Internal Lines

    A lot of your mistakes in the challenge are your internal lines, it's completely normal but I do recommend some notes I found that can help you the future.

    Ghosting your lines more can also help make that margin of error smaller.

    1. Distortion

    Some of your boxes are very distorted something that helped me avoid distortion with my boxes is Uncomfortable's notes on distortion ( I always try to imagine a circle where all my vanishing points rest on while my box is at the middle of it all.

    Congratulations on finishing the 250 box challenge! You may now move on to lesson 2 of Drawabox.

    Next Steps:

    Take a short break, do some reviewing and warm-ups, and go do Lesson 2 of Drawabox!

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    11:06 AM, Tuesday March 23rd 2021


    You done a good job with the line exercises, I have nothing in particular to critique here.


    1. Ellipses lacks confidence and smoothness

    -From the first two ellipses exercises you seem to have stuggled with forming confident and smooth ellipses, though on the third exercise you're ellipses improved. I still highly recommend doing them as warmups to keep that consistency and improve more

    1. Ellipses going out of bounds

    -You seem to be rushing you're ellipses, you seem to have ghosted them though, I think you maybe going too fast in executing them resulting to some of you're wild looking ellipses. I recommend you try to strike a balance with the speed of you're execution, if that's ever the case.


    1. Unfinished box in the rough perspective exercise

    -You seem to have gave up with one box there, I furiously recommend you always finish what you started, despite knowing that it will fail or sucks, It's simply a good habit to have.

    1. Some width lines are not parallel to the horizon and some height lines are not perpendicular to the horizon in the rough perspective exercise

    -I noticed some of you're lines going to different directions, making the boxes breakdown into a slanted figure, I recommend you ghost you're lines more.

    1. Boxes inconsistent lineweight

    -At thge organic perspective exercise you struggled with adding line weight, I recommend you do the superimposed exercise as a warmup.

    Overall good job! Congrats in completing lesson 1!

    Next Steps:

    Do the 250 boxes challenge, do some warm-ups before each drawabox session, and critique other submissions (their a great way to contribute to the drawabox community and review some drawabox concepts)

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    2:08 PM, Monday March 22nd 2021


    1. Fraying at Both sides (specifically curved ones)

    -When it comes to straight lines you done well, but when comes to curved ones you seem to fray at the beginning of the line. It shows how didn't took the time to position your pen correctly, fraying should only be present at the far end of your lines (for now at least)


    1. Ellipses Going Out of Bounds

    -There are times you're ellipses goes out of bounds (most prominent in the table of elipses exercise), a reason I suspect is lack of planning. A good way to combat this is to ghost your elipses more.

    2.Ellipses Lacking Confidence and Smoothness

    -When it comes to drawing bigger elipses you ellipses seem to breakdown, A reason I also suspect it lacks the planning. A good way to combat is also ghosting more.


    1. Struggle with Perspective

    -Despite the messy perspective with the rotated boxes exercise and organic perspective exercise, you can make that up through the 250 box challenge.

    Congrats in finishing Drawabox Lesson 1! You may now move on to the 250 Box Challenge!

    Next Steps:

    Start the 250 Box Challenge and make sure to do critiques it will help you review this concepts.

    also do warmups mostly of ellipses

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