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    6:40 AM, Wednesday July 6th 2022

    Thanks for the review again,

    This was actually the third time I got asked to be mindful of my ellipses, I think I do understand how the angle on ellipses works now but when I actually draw it specially the smaller ones I kept messing how wide the ellipses are.

    I'll put more ellipses in my warm ups and go back to some of the lessons before starting Lesson 4.

    1:47 PM, Sunday May 15th 2022

    Alright thanks, noted on this.

    12:39 AM, Sunday May 15th 2022

    Ah okay, I misunderstood, I thought those challenges were after I finished lesson 2.

    Alright, will follow your recommendation regarding the challenges. Just a clarification if I do got to finish the texture challenge first before lesson 3. Would my submission for texture challenge be qualified for official submission ?

    12:21 AM, Sunday May 15th 2022

    Hi, Thanks for the critique, Ill make sure to keep this all in mind. I just hast have some quick inquiries.

    Before lesson 3. is it alright for me to do the challenges first?

    I want to try doing Cylinder, wheel and chest challenge before lesson 3. Would that be alright?

    4:04 PM, Sunday April 24th 2022

    thanks DrawABox

    10:11 PM, Tuesday April 19th 2022

    Ah Okay Thanks! I did missed it.

    I will practice it in my warm ups and in future lessons/challenges.

    7:04 PM, Tuesday April 19th 2022

    Thanks for the feedback. Not sure if I missed it but how does DrawAbox recommends how to adjust line weight.

    Like lines that I want to be thicker should I just apply more pressure or should I do be doing it superimposed lines?

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