Hey man,

I'll at least start by saying that your ability to converge your lines has gotten better in your later attempts.

However, I hate to potentially add to your anguish, but I still see plenty of areas for improvement. I've seen people on the Discord give you advice, and in some cases, I really hate to break it to you, but I'm not sure I see evidence of you attempting to follow them.

Namely, I recall seeing people tell you that you're not extending your lines away from the viewer properly, even in your later boxes. Either they extend the wrong way (box 188), or you forgot a side altogether (box 186 - you actually doubled up on the y-axis). By not doing this, you're not properly checking your own work to make improvements later. The lines should follow the Y shape you start with. Also, sometimes your extensions don't even follow the line you intially drew, which also defeats the purpose.

I may have also seen some people suggest that you draw bigger boxes. On top of that, I feel like you could've had more variety in your box angles, perspectives and types - they're super hard, but pizza boxes are an example of something you haven't done. Experimenting with them may leave you with quite a few wonky boxes - I sure have my fair share - but taking a risk every now and then can be valuable.

I've noticed that some of your boxes are isometric, meaning that you've drawn them with at least one set of parallel lines - meaning they will never converge. Again, this defeats the purpose of the challenge - you're essentailly removing vanishing points. Box 195 in particular has two sets of parallel lines.

Furthermore, your mark making abilities aren't there yet, unfortunately. Your lines are frequently wobbly and doubled up, rather than being smooth and confident. Are you ghosting, drawing from your shoulder, and drawing quickly? Are you warming up with lesson 1 exercises before starting a box session?

On a related note, I don't see any evidence of you planning your lines either. This video is pinned in the channel for a reason, it is insanely helpful. Seeing as how I saw you say that a page of 5 boxes "shouldn't" take an hour, I have a strong hunch that you aren't taking the time to be analytical.

Anyway, I'm very sorry to be the bearer of bad news while you're feeling down. If nothing else, you have my sympathies - I can very much understand what you're going through.