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    2:28 PM, Thursday December 31st 2020

    No problem! I look forward to seeing your exercises redone.

    While I'm here, I'd like to ask a favor. I submitted lesson 1 a while ago, but it never got reviewed and it's pretty far back at this point, so it's unlikely that it will get reviewed. Would you be able to look over it? Any advice and critiques would be appreciated!

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    12:11 AM, Thursday December 31st 2020

    Hello! Welcome to Drawabox and congratulations on completing Lesson 1. This is my first time grading someone else's assignment and I am a novice as well, so feel free to search for to search for other sources of feedback if you'd like.

    To start off, your superimposed lines look pretty good. There is some wobbling, but that will go away with time. The bigger issue is that there is some fraying on both ends, but I noticed that going away with time. Your ghosted lines also look pretty good, and while I do notice some wobbling and arcing lines in some of your earlier lines, that seems to have gone away with time. Good job on prioritizing confidence over accuracy. In terms of your ghosted planes, for the record, I think you're suppoed to submit a picture of the planes before you place the ellipses. I'm noticing quite a lot of arcing/curving lines in thes ghosted planes, so I would recommend redoing at least one page while focusing on making sure that the lines are straight and not curved.

    Your tables of ellipses look good - I notice that you are having a little bit of trouble fitting them in snugly, but what's most important is that you are drawing smooth, confident ellipses. The same thing goes for your ellipses in planes - while the ellipses aren't necessarily fitting into the planes perfectly, they look really confident and smooth and you are drawing through them smoothly. The same issue appears in the funnels exercise (fitting them in snuggly), but it's a little bit more pronounced over there. I'd recommend doing that exercise over again while focusing on fitting them in snugly.

    Your plotted perspective looks great, I have no critiques. The rough perpsective looks pretty good - you're a little bit off from vanishing point, but that's to be expected, and you did it pretty well anyway. I noticed some curving/arcing lines, which you should try to avoid in the future. For the rotated boxes, while it's not expected to be perfect, you do need to go all the way to the corners. You also need to show more line weight to show where things overlap, and you need to do hatching. In your organic persective, I was really impressed by how you showed depth and boxes getting farther and farther away - it was great. However, you'll notice that some of the boxes look a little bit off. Try to make sure that when you are drawing those lines, they are directly parallel to that initial "y".

    Overall, it appears to me that you did pretty well in these exercises, but I'd recommend doing a few of them over again before moving on to the 250 boxes. In order to obtain more lineage and fix some of the issues that I mentioned, I'd recommend you to do 2-3 of these for 10-15 minutes per day in order to further develop your skills.

    Next Steps:

    1 page of ghosted planes

    1 page of funnels

    1 page of rotated boxes

    1 page of organic perspecitve

    2-3 pages of lesson 1 exercises for 10-15 mins per day (as a warmup)

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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