• Your superimposed lines look good. Be mindful of the fraying at the the end of the lines and make sure you're putting down your pen at the same point at the beginning of the line. Also, try to vary the lengths of the lines you were drawing - most of them were the same length...

  • ...and the same thing applies to your ghosted lines. Most of your lines are pretty confident but some of them are a little wobbly. Make sure your lines are confident when you draw them. Some of your lines don't connect with the points you put down for them, so try ghosting your lines a bit more before drawing through to have that accuracy.

  • Vary the size and shape of your ghosted planes for more practice! It looks like your ghosted lines are better, however. I notice the cross sections don't quite line up with the diagonal lines on your planes; take note of that and don't be afraid to take some time to ghost those lines a little longer, so you manage to get those lines through the intersection of the diagonals.


  • Good job on the ellipses. Make sure that the edges of every ellipse is in contact with the other ellipses, or the edges of the box. There shouldn't be any gap between them.

  • Try to keep your ellipses within your planes, and try to make sure that when you draw them through, you aren't leaving any hanging lines.

  • Make sure the ellipses stay within the funnels and try to draw more funnels; the practice will help with perspective.


  • The first boxes exercise looks good! Your lines are straight and confident.

  • The lines on your ghosted boxes look wobbly. Take the time to practice ghosting those lines before you put your pen down and draw them through. Also, try to make sure you're ghosting those lines back to the proper vanishing point on your horizon line.

  • Your spacing is good for the last exercise! I think you missed the hatching on the topmost box, but other than that your lines are pretty neat. Some of them are wobbly so try to make sure you're drawing with confidence. Take the time you need to ghost your lines.

  • Good job on the sizing of the boxes in the perspective exercise. Some of your lines are still wobbly, but most of them are pretty confident. Try to make sure you aren't overshooting when you ghost your lines. I notice you might be drawing over some of your lines to correct them; just let them be.