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    4:05 PM, Friday May 19th 2023

    Hello Embient, firstly I'd like to start off by saying congratulations on completing lesson 1.


    • Your lines are pretty solid, one thing to note would be that they are a bit hard to see cause it is in pencil (specifically in the ghosted lines and ghosted planes exercises).

    • There is some wobbliness so do keep in mind that you are looking for smoothness not accuracy


    • For the table of ellipses exercise, remember that the ellipses should be filling up the space they are in, but not go out of the table. In other words, they should be touching each other and/or the edges of the table.

    • For your ellipses in planes, it seems like you maybe didn't go over your ellipses 2-3 times like uncomfortable said in his video.

    • For funnels, the ellipses should turn into ovals at the middle cause they are getting narrower. These are hard for everyone though, honestly.


    • In rough perspective, your boxes are very hard to see, luckily the red lines are there to help.

    • Your rotated boxes look really good.

    • Organic perspective, make sure to keep in mind that as the boxes get farther away, they get smaller.

    Really great work overall. Hopefully in the future you can do work in fine liner, because for some exercises, it was just a bit hard to see.

    Next Steps:

    One page of funnels

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    5:50 PM, Thursday May 18th 2023

    I actually am a part of the server but somehow never noticed that channel?? Anyhow, I already found it, thanks for sending me there!

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    4:06 PM, Tuesday May 16th 2023

    Hello and welcome to Drawabox. First of all, congratulations on completing lesson 1! I'll be critiquing your work today.

    1: Lines

    • Your lines are smooth overall, there is a bit of wobbliness but nothing serious

    • Remember that you are looking for smoothness, and not accuracy

    2: Ellipses

    • Your ellipses look pretty good, although there is some wobbliness in your tables of ellipses exercise, but that is reasonable. Make sure to keep in mind that the ellipses should be filling in the space, meaning they should be touching, and for the ones at the edge they should be touching the edge(s) of the table

    • Your ellipses in planes are good, though there is a bit of wobbliness in your ellipses but its not earth shattering

    • Funnels are hard, no one can deny that. For this exercise what I would keep in mind is when your ellipses are going on the middle line not only are they getting smaller but they are also getting narrower the closer they are getting to the middle the more it turns into an oval. or at least that is how I looked at it.

    3: Boxes

    I do not really have anything to say for your boxes, other than they are really good, and you seem to have a fair grasp on the concept of perspective.

    Really good job on lesson 1. I'll give you work that I think you should focus on and just reply to me with it so I can approve you to move onto the 250 box challenge.

    Next Steps:

    One page of funnels

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    3:58 PM, Tuesday May 9th 2023

    Hi welcome to drawabox, I will be critiquing your work today. I'd like to start off by saying great job on completing lesson 1!

    1: Lines

    • Your lines look good, with the exception of some wobbliness on ghosted lines and ghosted planes

    • Nothing crazy but remember you are focusing on confident not accurate lines

    2: Ellipses

    • Your table of ellipses exercise, some ellipses are not touching each other and I know that was a requirement.

    • In your ellipses in planes exercise, your line quality has suffered a bit, it is important to use the information that you got from the lines section and apply it to the other exercises

    • Your funnels look awesome! There is some overlap between the curved line and some ellipses but not earth shattering.

    3: Boxes

    • Your rotated boxes look decent, those are hard to get right but it seems like you knew what you were doing.

    • Rough perspective, good thing you did not make the same mistake I did where I made the lines go all the way back, great work.

    Overall, really good work. You understood what to do for all the assignments and have a really good grasp on the concept of perspective. I will give you some work to do and then you can be on your way to the 250 box challenge.

    Next Steps:

    One page of table of ellipses

    When completed, reply to this critique.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    7:43 PM, Tuesday March 21st 2023

    Yeah I am still pretty new to this (Your work is actually the first I critiqued). I looked up a guide on critiquing and just went off of that. However, I did get my own work critiqued and I kinda wish I could go back and do yours differently, at least for the layout of it.

    6:31 PM, Wednesday March 15th 2023

    I barely saw this! Thank you for your critique. Had I seen it sooner, I would have gotten back to you much faster. Here are the revisions you asked for -

    Should I move onto the 250 box challenge?

    2 users agree
    4:18 PM, Wednesday March 15th 2023

    Hello and welcome to drawabox, I also finished lesson 1 not too long ago. Your lines seem to be very confident. There are really no wobbly lines, except maybe for the rough perspective exercise. In ghosted lines, some of them go past the point you were drawing towards. It is a hard task but lifting your pen as soon as you get to the point helps (in case you didn't know). You are drawing through your ellipses (at least 2 times) which is a good thing. In the table of ellipses exercise, some of them overlap, which is just something to look out for. In your funnels exercises, it seems like one of them was incomplete because you made it too small. I see that you also decided to switch your fineliner, it's unfortunate that you could not find a black one though. Just like your lines, your boxes are confident which means you are drawing through them and that's a good thing. In rough perspective there are several wobbly lines so be sure to look out for that. Other than that, it is some really good work, good luck with the 250 box challenge!

    Next Steps:

    I think the student is ready for the 250 box challenge.

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
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