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    4:54 PM, Wednesday March 8th 2023

    Oh yeas I watched those :) I find those essential.

    I understand your worry there. I do make myself move on with the tasks.

    The reason I was asking is my mind works in formulas and when I understand

    things better I do them better. I make analogies and look for dependances in everything.

    When I find the right ones it just clicks in my head and it becomes effortless.

    Perfect analogy here: is when Neo sees the Matrix :P

    I find it mostly through practice but tips and tricks often speed up the process so I was curious if you knew any.

    Thank you for responding and for your time. I really appreciate what you guys do :)

    5:50 AM, Wednesday March 8th 2023

    Mr. Tofu!

    Thank you for reviewing my box challenge and letting me go through with the lessons!

    As much as I wasn't thinking about your first remark I felt the second every step of the way.

    For some reason I just couldn't figure out how to make that third line converge especially at a very distant

    vanishing point. I either under or overshoot it. I got lucky few times but that never felt controlled.

    I noticed on other reviews that there's always several approaches that work differently with everyone.

    Do you have any additional (on top of the tutorial ones and demos from youtube) tips on making it click?

    That being said if I figure it out by myself I'll note down my observations and share what worked for me.

    3:30 PM, Tuesday March 29th 2022

    Hi, Rob.

    Thank you for your help. This is most helpful and confidence boosting.

    1:45 PM, Monday March 21st 2022

    Thank you Rob for reviewing my work. I try my best to submit my first tries. I felt an intense urge to redo the rotating boxes but just kept at it. That's a very important lesson for me since I never seem to finish my pieces.

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