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    11:04 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Yes "COSTS 1 CREDIT" is not very readable, I had trouble finding the info even after you told me it was on this page. Perhaps you could put it outside of the illustration...

    10:10 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    OK for the grinding, I understand.

    OK for the cost, I've found it. If you don't mind, I may point out that this is not very readable...

    Thank's again, everything is clear now! :-)

    7:45 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Thank's a lot, I'll do it!

    7:32 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Thank's Irshad for your reply!

    I understand what you're saying and you're absolutely right, submitting my old work would be irrelevant since it dates from August 2018! I'm sure that starting over would be profitable, but wouldn't it also be like grinding the exercises? Maybe better to move on lesson 5 and I'm afraid of disgusting myself if I would have to redo the 250 box challenge! One day maybe... for now I've almost finished the 250 cylinder challenge and lesson 4...

    Otherwise, where can we see how many credits cost a lesson?

    Anyway thank you very much for all the amazing free content you provide!

    7:18 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Thank's Sluggy for your answer! :-)

    How can we see if some one is patreon or not?

    What does TA means?

    7:13 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Thank's Alan for your answer!

    I've already watched some FZD videos but I didn't know if there was a reading order... You started at ep1 and then chronologically?

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    10:11 AM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Great work! Really inspiring! I will try it!

    There are so many videos on FZD channel that I don't know where to start... any advice?

    9:50 AM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Hi Sluggy,

    Is that an official critique reserved to patreons?

    Are you an unconfortable's assistant or a member of the community?

    By the way nice work Natalia!

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    9:29 AM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    I didn't know this Youtube channel, thank's for the share!

    Great job on the flashlight, what was Spencer's suggestions?

    8:58 AM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

    Hey Sven, thank's to the reply!

    I've regurarly posted my previous lessons on reddit and discord to get my worked criticized, but these weren't official critiques I understand what you're saying ...

    The "problem" is that if I want my lesson 4 to be officially criticized I've to wait more than 2 months, I think ... The quickest I could do, to make up for lost time, is to choose a 2 credits / month patreon, it would do:

    1st month: lesson 1 + 250 boxes challenge

    2nd month: lesson 2 + lesson 3

    3rd month: finaly lesson 4

    Is that it?

    Have a nice day!

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