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    3:07 PM, Tuesday September 6th 2022

    Hey there! I will be looking over your homework for today ^^

    Congrats on making it through Lesson 1!

    Your Lines are looking good. A bit of wobbling and fraying at the end is totally normal and nothing to worry about and I can already see you improving over time. Your planes are improving too, though in future, should you use this assignment as warm up, really try to fill the entire page with planes as shown here https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/11/example.

    If you feel unsure with your line, take your time while ghosting. Ghost your line so long till you're confident you can place it in one swoop!

    This goes especially for your ellipses. In general, they have a good shape, touching all of the corners of the planes, but they are extremely wobbly. Like you intentionally drew them slowly to reach all of the edges. The goal of this exercise however is to learn how to place confident lines, so again, ghost them several times. However much you need and then place it. Remember that you should draw through it a maximum of three times. Two times would be better. You can try to draw through only two times, maybe it'll help improve.

    Your boxes look good to me. The most important thing are the lines, which you're working and improving on. If you want to shade a plane of your box, don't sribble it in. It simple doesn't look good and makes your work feel sloppy and like you didn't put much care or thought into it. Instead, try the hatching method describe here https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/15/step8. Uncomfortable mentions it as well, to choose the plane of the box that faces the viewer, whereas you 'hatched' the plane that won't be visible to the viewer without x-ray vision anyway.

    About the Rotated Boxes assignment: You seemed to have a lot of issues with the perspective part of the assignment. Don't worry about it too much, since you will be practising Boxes in the 250 Boxes challenge anyway. Just to point you into the right direction though: For the boxes in the upper rows you apparently forgot which vanishing point to use. Your horizontal lines will always be vanishing towards the horizon line, where the imaginary VPs are. You can also always check Uncomfortable's example or check with other student's completed homework if you're unsure!

    Before sending you off, I'd like for you to do another page of the Table of Ellipses. Believe me when I say you will need them in the future. Really try to place them confidently and draw them at a maximum of three lines, aiming for two lines.

    Don't forget to answer on this with another imgur link so I can check it out and mark you as completed!

    Next Steps:

    1 Page of Tables of Ellipses

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    9:09 AM, Monday September 5th 2022

    Hey there! I will be looking over your homework today ^^ Congrats on making it through the second Lesson!

    All in all, you did a good job. I'll GI through everything and point out stuff that I noticed.

    Your arrows look smooth and drawn with a confident line. Really A+. Also good job on understanding those turns. Should you do this exercise as a warm-up, remember to shorten the arrow gradually. Since the arrow is supposed to have the same length throughout, it can look like the arrow itself is shrinking in size and not just vanishing into the distance - so the opposite of what we try to achieve.

    On the sausage assignment: Your line are looking good and overall the shapes and ellipses too feel solid. To draw the sausages you don't need to actually draw two spheres and a connecting tube. Uncomfortable added that in the lesson as a visualizer. It's not bad but we will need the sausage forms later on too so I'd like you to do another page of sausages.

    Also bear in mind that the sausages curl a little bit. Sometimes yours look a bit stiff. This also leads to your sausages even widening around the middle part when the width should stay the same.

    Your ellipses look great. Good job on the drawing through them too. Students like to miss out on that.

    Regarding the textures I think you did a good job on sticking to the cast shadows. You can try and go into more detail eg scales usually have scratches or other kind of marks on them so try to really see all the little details. Plus, the black bar on the left side isn't supposed to be visible as such. Making a gradient is hard so it's not the end of the world if you can't do it yet. Besides, you already did improve by the sausage part. You're sticking to the cast shadows and even when it looks like they're supposed to be lines you keep making those forms. That's great! Definitely keep it going. The gradients look better here as well!

    Your intersections look really good. The forms are solid as well. Really kudos to that, those look amazing!

    You seem to have a bit more trouble with the sausage part but that's okay. Really try to visualize how they flop and turn and curl around each other. It won't hurt to add some more sausages on onto one, I think. Maybe the sausage revision will help too in making them more fluid.

    So yeah that's it! Congrats again on making it through it :> You did really good overall and learned quite a bit so you can be proud of that.

    Before you move onto the next Lesson, I'd like to ask of you another page of the Organic Forms. If you like you can add the ellipses, just for extra study haha

    Don't forget to answer here and add another imgur link so I can mark it as done ^^

    Next Steps:

    1 Page of the Organic Forms with Contour Lines

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    7:17 PM, Sunday September 4th 2022

    Nice, I can see the improvement ^^ Definitely include that exercise in future warm ups to keep on training your lines! You can head onto the 250 Box Challenge now, good luck and have fun!

    Next Steps:

    250 Box Challenge

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    7:50 AM, Friday September 2nd 2022

    Hey there! I will be looking over your homework today.

    First of all, congrats on making it through Lesson One! The first step is always the hardest and you made it ^^

    Now for the feedback:

    For the lines, I noticed you frayed quite a bit in the beginning. You improved already though by the end of the second page. Keep another eye on the arches you have though. Some arching is normal, but we're trying to improve this continuously in all the DrawABox Lessons, so that we can draw a straight line, instead of an arched one.

    On the Ghosted Lines and Ghosted Planes exercise there is still a lot of wobbling visible. Be sure to be patient and ghost every single line and turn your paper, so you can place it neatly. Maybe you're trying to nail the line, but that's not what we're aiming for. The goal is to place a neat, confident line, so keep an eye out for that definitely. You will need that in all the coming Lessons too.

    Your Ellipses looked a bit wobbly at first and you learned throughout the Ghosted Planes and Table of Ellipses exercises. Looking good! Good job.

    Your boxes are looking great as well. You did well on the Rough Perspective and Organic Boxes assignments, I just have to point out your wobbly lines again. If you had trouble with the Rotated Boxes assignment - don't worry. You will train those enough in the 250 Box challenge.

    All in all you already improved in most areas, so good job on that! The Lines will be one of the most important things throughout all the Lessons in Draw a Box, so I'm going to assign you another page of Ghosted Planes. You can add in the ellipses too, if you want. Just for some extra exercise.

    Don't forget to answer to this with another imgur link, so I can check it for you and send you on your way :)

    Happy drawing!

    Next Steps:

    • 1 Page of Ghosted Lines (with ellipses optional)
    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    12:01 PM, Wednesday July 27th 2022

    Thank you so much!! I'm glad to hear that, because it was very much a pain. I'm glad it payed off ^^

    Thank you for your tips! I'll come back to them when doing animals again :D

    12:07 PM, Tuesday July 26th 2022


    First and foremost thank you for reviewing my homework and sorry I took ages to come back to it. Life has been really stressful and I got hit by a bad artblock when I started the review homework so I paused everything. I'm back now though, even though I'm not sure I improved.

    This assignment was very hard for me and even though I understood what you said my hand couldn't seem to replicate what I saw and thought and it kind of sent me down a spiral ^^; I did my work though, even if I'm still frustrated and I'd be incredibly grateful if you could look over it again after all this time ?


    Thank you!

    6:49 PM, Wednesday March 30th 2022

    oh, thank you so much! That's so kind haha

    6:49 PM, Saturday March 26th 2022

    Haha thanks man!

    5:49 PM, Wednesday March 16th 2022


    Yeah I can definitely see you studied them in the meantime, definitely keep doing that! I think you're on a good way now :D The sausage shapes look better as well. I think you're ready for the next Lesson now ^^ If you have problems with the next Lesson you can check back here to remember what you did and how you improved on it.

    Have fun in Lesson 3!

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 3!

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    1:20 PM, Saturday March 5th 2022

    Hello there! Congrats on making it through Lesson 2!

    I will be reviewing your homework today, so let's get started!

    I think your arrows are looking good. You just sometimes seem to be unsure where the shadows are supposed to go. Usually we can say that they won't be on the same section. I tried showcasing this a bit here: https://imgur.com/a/wFc57cg

    Aside from that you're good!

    For the Organic Forms your lines are still looking good. I believe you're aware of your ellipses being wobbly and unsure yourself. If you have trouble with ellipses I recommend including the Table of Ellipses from Lesson 1 in your warm ups. They will be important in the future so I think it'd be a smart decision to polish them a bit more. For the shapes themselves your only mistake is that they tend to be elongated. Remember that we're aiming for a simple sausage form, a tube with a sphere on each end, see this: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/simplesausage.

    You mentioned it but I can also see you having fun with textures :D They're good! Your sticking to cast shadows and try to avoid simple lines. I know it gets hard, especially the more you go towards the right side. In this case you can try using this method: https://i.imgur.com/M9JJfr4.png For the next time you're doing this you can try and include more shadowy parts in your direct study (the first square). It might help you when you're going into the gradient study!

    Dissections look good as well, I can see you put a lot of thought and time into them. Just the thing I mentioned earlier with the lines. Also no hatching! For the charcoal or muscle eg. Try to refrain from these kinds of lines as much as possible. The broccoli, ash and lava look amazing by the way.

    Both Intersection Assignments look good. No complaints here!

    You did well overall! There's a bit of revision I'd like to ask of you though: Please do two more pages of the Organic Forms with Contour Ellipses. In addition I think you will profit of another Table of Ellipses, but that's optional. As long as you include that one in your Warm Ups it should be fine eventually.

    Okay, that's it! Looking forward to hearing from you :D


    Next Steps:

    2 Pages of Organic Forms with Contour Ellipses

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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