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    8:07 PM, Saturday August 14th 2021

    I see exactly what you mean. I am going to practice this on its own to get into this important habit.

    From the bottom of my heart, thanks for all of the feedback throughout this course!

    6:10 PM, Friday August 13th 2021

    Hello Uncomfortable,

    Here is the imgur link for my last two cars:

    I attempted to keep everything in mind with the feedback you provided. I also constantly referenced the instructions you shared with me previously.

    Please note that I accidentally messed up the month on the "Model T" vehicle. I meant august 8, not september 9.

    I really messed up the lower left side of the model t, I think I underestimated the width and this effected the end result. I attempted to constrain the wheel with the minor axis of the passenger side wheel.

    I feel like once I tackled the nissan cube as my third vehicle drawing, I was really able to constrain every line going towards the vanishing points and push my vehicle into 3D space properly. Thanks for recommending more boxy vehicles. I realized that I was also able to constrain the curvy roof towards their respective vanishing points as well.

    10:51 PM, Monday August 9th 2021

    Got it! Will do. I will include the sideviews and front views as well. I was wondering why I couldn't edit my comment above until I reloaded the page and saw your new comment. Just to note, I usually break my drawings into 25 minute sessions and a 5 minute break. Pomodoro technique so I don't burn myself out.

    10:48 PM, Monday August 9th 2021

    Got it! I will use the old model t and boxy looking cars for my other car drawings! Thanks for that feedback! My apologies for the wheels, I was attempting to make it look like my reference image. My guess is that the person parked their car with their steering wheel turned to the right. I will try to fix these wheel issues and plot anything curved in my next drawings.

    8:34 PM, Monday August 9th 2021

    Hello Uncomfortable,

    I think I understand what you mean by the convergence. Please see the imgur link here of a single car that I am not expecting proper feedback on:

    As you said, I just want to know if I am headed in the right direction. Personally, I think this one came out worse than any other one I ever made.

    6:51 PM, Monday August 9th 2021

    It is looking a lot better now. The next time you practice this one, please make sure that you are drawing through your boxes. It is okay to do that. Otherwise, some of your boxes appear to be hidden behind other ones. Drawing so that there is some overlap is okay. This is practice and the idea is not to make a pretty drawing. Some of your lines are really wobbly, but other ones are really good. With practice, this will get better. I am going to mark this off as complete! Congrats!

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 2! Please make sure you are using your should and are doing fast strokes when you execute your lines.

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
    12:50 AM, Saturday August 7th 2021

    Thanks! I will return....

    10:55 PM, Friday August 6th 2021

    This makes a lot more sense now. Would it be okay if I share the first car when I finish it to get your approval that I am on the right track? I wouldn't be expecting feedback or writings on that one. More it would be a way so that I don't spill my mistakes into another 2 vehicle drawings.

    Thanks for the examples and explanation describing my issues. It is a lot more clear now. I see my current lines are way to parallel and have issues with the freehanded curves. I will follow the guidelines you shared.

    Thanks again for this!

    5:22 PM, Friday August 6th 2021

    Imgur Link:

    Hello Uncomfortable,

    • I think I am struggling with getting curved lines to converge towards the vanishing points.

    • My apologies for thos vehicles that do not count. I should have asked the community whether they would be good subjects to use before I drew them.

    • I did not mean to apply lineweight in areas or scratch out proportional studies. That was so that I wouldn't keep making mistakes.

    • I have been using my early mornings, lunchbreaks, and evenings to do these. I was not just trying to rush these.

    Thanks again for all of this feedback!

    5:42 PM, Tuesday July 6th 2021

    Thank you very much for the critique Mr. Irshad!

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