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    2:51 PM, Tuesday March 26th 2024

    I see.

    I didn't plan on doing the extra cylinders. It just happened that when I stopped to take count I found out that I drew more than what was asked. So I thought might as well select the ones that are objectively better.

    9:23 AM, Saturday March 23rd 2024

    Nice to hear from the man himself!

    I followed this weird numbering scheme because I was facing this issue where I chose some cylinders to include in the homework, but on a second look I decided not to include them because I had spares that were better (drew quite more than 150), so I had to revise the numbers for all subsequent cylinders, and because I wanted the numbering to be penciled in rather than adding it digitally, I had to erase and rewrite the numbers. Basically the moment I decided to drop or include a cylinder that previously wasn't, I had to horse around with the numbering a lot. So I numbered them this way and now it doesn't matter if I choose to drop or include a cylinder as the sequence isn't numerical anyway (but they are presented in the correct chronological order on the imgur album).

    I drew a handful more than 100 cylinders in boxes, so I numbered them normally. And since the extension lines of one cylinder were quite close to those of another, I decided to uploade complete pages. Although in doing so I was a bit worried about the color accuracy, focus and resolution, it seems to be just enough. It was probably difficult to make a distinction between the magenta extension lines and the red lines for edges of the boxes themselves.

    I have a really hard time drawing an ellipse two full times in a single run. For some reason my brain either always wants to fall short on that or go overboard, but it's rarely ever two full times. And when I do go overboard it seems I've undermined the work done with the first full ellipse.

    I did feel that I couldn't get a lot of variety in my angles in the 100 cylinders in boxes, and it seemed largely due the constraint of a pair of opposite faces being a square, which of course they need to be if we want to draw cylinders in them.

    I have to say, the one example of drawing cylinder in a box that was included in the lesson material was a very odd angle. I found it very difficult to identify the "Y" of that box as two arms of that Y were almost conjoined as a single straight line on account of one face of the box being quished into a tiny sliver due to the angle.

    Thanks again.

    3:44 PM, Wednesday February 14th 2024

    Thank you DIO.

    Do you have some suggestion about how one should go about drawing a hollow cylinder of mass wrapped around the entire torso of these animals. I see the bulk of the torso in some cases as kind of like a sleeve or a tube of equal thickness that wraps around the torso. I understand it can't be perfectly cylindrical, but you get the idea.

    In that case it seems counter intuitive to split or cut it up into multiple pieces that sit or rest on top of each other, which is what additional masses are all about.

    If I'm drawing the side profile of an animal and this is what I visualize the bulk of torso to be like, how should I proceed?

    4:14 PM, Monday February 12th 2024

    Thanks for this feedback. Here are my revision pages. I haved enjoyed all the lessons so far and this one's no exception but for some reason I found this to be the most difficult to go through. Just a lot of friction from my side. Something about jumping from crustaceans to mammals seemed overwhelming.

    I hope these are more in line with the process. I did mess up the Hyena's feet. They were hidden by tall grass in the reference and I tried to draw them anyway, and it shows.

    2:14 PM, Wednesday December 13th 2023

    I take it that the three large paragraphs enclosed within the double quotes is the feedback from Uncomfortable.

    His revisions do look better but they deviate from the reference a bit. The silhoutte of the green metallic beetle is still quite true to the reference but the crab's silhoutte is quite altered by those divets.

    As such, its not really permitted for a student to decide to submit revisions if they were not assigned.

    I was just trying to eliminate any doubts I had left because I got different feedback for the same error, so I was a bit confused by that and felt I should clear it up.

    As was suggested in the earlier comments.

    If anything said to you here, or previously, is unclear or confusing you are welcome to ask questions.

    There are many potential reasons this could be happening, but at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to ensure that you can implement the feedback you've received, or that if you do not understand something, that you ask questions (either here, or over on our Discord chat server, where fellow students are often happy to help).


    12:11 PM, Saturday December 9th 2023

    I also drew the parts of legs that hid behind the body of these creatures. Any tip about the same? I think since the hidden parts are basically conjecture on my part, I just extrapolated what I thought must be going on with their design judging from the parts that were visible.

    I'm not sure these specific alterations were necessary, as you had already drawn complete forms for these pieces, wrapping them around your underlying ball forms.

    Isn't A and B of the green metallic beetle same as the C and D of the crab with a lot of annotation. Here is what I mean.

    I corrected it in the green metallic beetle because earlier they were also just shapes extending off of existing base form.

    Something that happens much more frequently in your work is extending off existing forms with partial shapes, not quite providing enough information for us to understand how they actually connect to the existing structure in 3D space.

    Thanks again.

    1:24 PM, Wednesday December 6th 2023

    Thank you for the detailed critique.

    I've made some attempts at improving these drawings and shared them here, I hope this is more in line with what's expected out of the lesson.

    The way you broke down concepts and explained things made it easier to grasp, but I think, I'm still not quite where the lesson wants me to be.

    I mostly just ended up drawing ellipses to indicate the contact of the additional mass that lays over the basic sausage form for all the legs. My brain just sees elliptical contours as the boundary of the connective surface between the sausage form and the form added above it. Is that correct?

    Also I was surprised to see how little space there was on the page to add little clumps of mass over the legs of some of these creatures even when I dedicated the whole page to just one creature. Is that normal?

    I can see that this is basically an excercise of geometric intersections.

    So when the appendage in the claw of the scorpion intersects with the base form of the claw which is a sphere the boundary of the intersection follows the curvature of the sphere (wraps around its surface).

    On the page with two beetles drawn on it, the beetle on the top, label A, here I visualize the form with the antennae attaches to its head which is a sphere and the result is a boundary that looks like its wearing a VR headseat. This is what seemed right to me. What do you think about it?

    Likewise, in the ten lined june bug, label A, I see the intersection of the elongated form with its spherical head like that of a ducks bill with it face.

    In the crab with tons of annotation, I think I have got the right idea of how the lumps of mass connect to the spherical base form of its claws, I am still not sure about what I could have done better with the connective lump of mass hatched and labelled B, I don't see any hidden line that I could have added to improve upon the illusion of it wrapping around in 3D space and connecting the spheres on either sides of it.

    Label C and D, I think they now look like lumps that wrap around their base form of an ellipsoid.

    On the green metallic beetle, labels A, B and E, again I could only imagine the boundaries of the intersection of forms added over the base form as elliptical contours. With E being just a tiny sliver / slice of a larger sphere.

    C and D also seemed to sit on the base form in a way that would cause the geometric intersection to look like an ellipse.

    3:45 PM, Thursday November 30th 2023

    Sorry for the delay, I've added the new pages in the original link.

    11:56 PM, Wednesday November 1st 2023

    I did, actually I'd like to give some unsolicited advise/feedback that I believe would improve the site design.

    If this isn't the right place to share it, please let me know.

    The indentation for replies takes up a lot of space. I think it's not required since every reply nests in further no matter the nesting level of the comment to which the reply was made. Eventually you are bound to run out of the horizontal space. Right now it cannot display your full username on the screen, it's just UNCOMFRTA (see what I did here XD)

    Hiding everything beyond the third reply behind a VIEW MORE COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD button is something that should be reviewed.

    If a sizeable "You have X unread notifcations" banner could appear somewhere, maybe the center or the bottom of the screen, that could be a welcome addition as well. The current system of having a dot display over the human symbol is very subtle, and doesn't grab attention unless you deliberately look at it. No color contrast between the two makes it even more invisible.

    I like the rounded rectangles and the bounding box around each reply. It's very easy to follow visually and pleasing to look at.

    8:07 PM, Wednesday November 1st 2023

    Thank you for the critique and bearing with me!


    I thought I didn't receive any reply to that last message till now, then I saw the "Giver of Life" text under my avatar, which made me look around to find out what happened, turns out the reply was hidden behind a "VIEW MORE COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD" button.

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