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    1:22 AM, Thursday September 21st 2023

    Thank you, that insight about the relationship between each line in a set is very helpful.

    10:22 AM, Monday September 4th 2023

    Here is the revised homework

    I did 2 pages of Ellipses in Funnels because the first page didn't come out very well, so I chalked it up as a warm up page and did another.

    11:13 PM, Thursday August 31st 2023

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll get to the revisions, although I didn't use a pencil/sketch out the organic boxes or any other exercise.

    7:34 PM, Thursday August 31st 2023

    Ok, sounds like I'll have to post it again, but as homework submitted for official critique ticked this time. Thanks

    12:05 PM, Thursday August 31st 2023

    Thank you for the feedback. I really fixated on not repeating my lines at all this time even if I could see the box becoming clearly wonky (the urge to fix it is really strong not gonna lie) and tried to put a lot less lineweight. Thanks again! :)

    Revisions as per feedback

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