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    11:46 AM, Thursday December 2nd 2021

    Hello Uncomfortable! As always thank you for taking your time to answering questions I know you are very busy so I'll make sure to tip you after this.

    As I promised I'm now back after taking Dynamic Sketching 1 at CGMA. I've got a several questions, I hope you don't mind.

    I'll start off by saying that the CGMA class and the instructor was amazing! Can't lie, I learnt alot and got alot of amazing feedback, just like I did here.

    Despite that there was some things that I couldnt grasp unlike all the other students. (I think it's because I overthink too much)

    So here at Drawabox we use forms and attach organics on them as shown in Lesson 5.

    The way we use organics here seems to be very different from how they teach at CGMA so it got me really confused.

    Also the construction part at CGMA also got abit confused, I thought we'd use dissection until we started doing plants where alot of 2d things came into play.

    All in all it was one of the most fun I've done. It's just that I'm too much of a birdbrain to understand how to combine what we learnt and put into practice.

    11:27 PM, Sunday November 28th 2021

    Thanks uncomfortable, and yeah the courses are being held online now due to the pandemic. I thought it'd be a good opportunity to do it now whilst I still have a chance to do so online.

    2:09 PM, Friday September 3rd 2021

    Thank you uncomfortable. I'll be back very soon after the course ends, I promise.

    9:33 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

    Hm i see... Thanks for the explanation. I'll go ahead and do some studies on it.

    btw uncomfortable, I've just signed up for the dynamic sketching 1 course that will begin in October 3rd.

    So far I've only completed up to lesson 5 and 250 cylinders, do you think it's too early for me to take the course?

    Hope I didn't bother you too much.

    5:19 AM, Tuesday August 24th 2021

    Thanks for the answers, I'll go ahead and practice on observation.

    Also thanks of the critique.

    6:14 PM, Tuesday August 3rd 2021

    Understood thanks

    3:37 PM, Tuesday August 3rd 2021

    I've been dealing with some angst problems for over a year now so please forgive me if my concentration and memory is equivalent to a potato.

    I've sent 2 revisions and 2 studies, I thought I'd send you two today and take a few days off to collect my thoughts and then do the last two revisions. I've read through the critiques 5 and 4 and I'll reread them again for a few days.

    I thought that way it'd be more time saving for both of us if I included a partial of the assignment to check if I'm moving in the right direction and then take a break with a few questions being asked at the same time.

    Well then, probably should've said this first but sorry for my poor english but oh well.

    Regarding the 50/50 rule I would like to apologise and say, no I sadly haven't been following it.

    Instead what I have done is a 75/25 with the 25 being perspective studies. The reason being is that Im too uncertain how I should tackle drawing humans.

    Could you help me? I really want to become a splash artist for character profiles, but the lack of critiques and direction makes me stay in my comfort zone.

    3:18 PM, Monday July 19th 2021

    Understood, thank you.

    8:26 AM, Tuesday July 6th 2021

    I see! Thank you for the answer

    7:23 PM, Sunday July 4th 2021

    Understood, thank you

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