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    2:47 AM, Wednesday June 8th 2022

    Thank you for the critique, I’ll hopefully go through it soon.

    I completely understand what you mean, as I had a feeling that you were not interested in hearing the specifics or anything about this personal matter in general. But you are right. Without being specific about what I’m actually referring to, it becomes nothing but a text of self-pity.

    As I have no intention of keeping things a secret I'll go ahead and lay down the specifics.

    A lot of things I’ve said previously has contained jokes of cultural insensitivity towards you, in an attempt to be funny amongst the people I was around. Perhaps it was out of self insecurity or whatever doesn’t matter. Nonetheless I am still very sorry.

    it also kind of worries me that you were willing to forgive and send me to the next lesson without fully understanding the situation. Are you really okay having a previous dick head learning from you? Maybe you don’t care, but I certainly would not hope that decision was made for the sake of professionalism or business.

    Regardless, I’m sorry if this has turned out to be more of a burden to you than any good. You don’t have to reply to this if you don’t want to, as what I wanted to deliver has been done. Thank you Uncomfortable, as it’s been a pleasure being able to write to you personally.

    • Christian.
    1:17 PM, Wednesday May 11th 2022

    Thank you!

    1:16 PM, Wednesday May 11th 2022

    Thank you! I’ll go check them out.

    8:41 PM, Thursday May 5th 2022

    Ah yes Steve Huston, I remember watching his 3 hour long free class sample on YouTube back when I first started out.

    Anyways it wouldn’t hurt to try out both instructors, see what fits best.

    As for lesson 6 and 7 I’ll definitely go through them soon.

    Thank you.

    2:56 AM, Thursday May 5th 2022

    Thank you so much for the answer and the critique! I however have already completed the cylinder challenge.

    I’m still uncertain if I want to tackle lesson 6 at the moment, as I’ve been planning on figures (the Michael Hampton one)

    Is that a good decision? I have never done much of perspective cutting and edge defining so I have no idea how applicable it is to organic subject matters.

    11:50 PM, Thursday April 14th 2022

    Hm? but I was certain that I understood the approach to ant head constructions after I studied the one you sent before moving on, how strange. Could it be that the small skips in my line making and the smooth transition of the silhouette leading to my forms not looking individually enclosed forms resulting it being 2D?

    Either way thank you Uncomfortable, I’ll definitely move on to the next lesson.

    I’ll leave this here, it shows how I broke down the ant head. I thought we could revisit this if the same problem still persists in the head constructions for my next critique, as for now ill revist my lesson 5 feedback.

    thank you.

    10:33 PM, Monday April 11th 2022

    Thanks for being so patient with clumsy people like me.

    I took some extra time to study the points raised in the critique so I hope my revisions are somewhat meeting the criteria.

    For the ant I drew the sausages too big but I decided just to continue on with what I already have, As I usually would’ve just drawn a smaller one beneath the already existing.

    [also regarding this from the critique]

    Looking back in some of my constructions now, I now see that a ball form would be much more practical. However in future scenarios would you recommend me to use ball forms even in most cases where I see a boxier form as scaffolding?

    also thank you for your time! you don’t have to give me a long well written answer, since me asking questions like these are way beyond what i paid for.

    10:35 PM, Saturday December 4th 2021

    Thank you for the answer!

    10:10 PM, Thursday December 2nd 2021

    It sure does.

    8:37 PM, Thursday December 2nd 2021

    Thanks for the response, and yeah I guess my mindset was too focused on doing everything the drawabox way.

    But hey I did still do good, imo atleast haha.

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