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    5:42 PM, Thursday January 21st 2021

    Thank you Elodin.

    I'm getting pretty worried that I'm on Lesson 4 and my basic shapes are still this unconvincing:

    I've done pages and pages of these things focusing on drawing from the shoulder and ghosting confident lines, but they never seem to get any better. I either try to be really careful and neat and that makes them wobbly and unconvincing, or I try to be loose and fast and they end up scribbly and misshapen. Is there something obvious that I'm missing/is there a trend or habit you notice that I need to get out of?

    I really appreciate the feedback.

    1:31 AM, Friday January 15th 2021

    OH. Yeah I know why, I misunderstood/misinterpreted something in the original lesson that I now understand better looking at the link you just provided. Thanks again for the feedback, it's been very helpful.

    9:22 PM, Wednesday January 13th 2021

    Thanks for the feedback, I've tried to incorporate all of it into the extra pages, found here:

    The looseness in drawing feels the most challenging to incorporate as I tend to tense my arm when going in for the actual stroke after ghosting, but I'm working on it.

    12:53 AM, Monday December 21st 2020

    OK, got it, thanks -- it's helpful to be able to pair the worst offenders with the feedback re: textures, I see what you're saying.

    Controlling the lines has definitely been the biggest challenge (both with accuracy and speed), I think I'm tensing my shoulder too much or something when I draw more quickly or something. Will double down on practicing the linework stuff from exercise 1 as I move on to the next lesson.

    Thanks again.

    3:40 PM, Sunday December 20th 2020

    Thank you Tofu, I'm going to practice a bit more with your feedback in mind before I move on.

    Could you please give some more specific examples of which textures I was more successful with versus not, based on your feedback of dynamic linework and not being overly explicit with drawing? Same with the form intersections, if you could point me toward some that I got fairly close versus ones that were way off and why.

    Thanks again.

    10:17 PM, Saturday October 3rd 2020

    Understood, and thank you very much for all your feedback, especially the diagram! I will take all this into consideration for my future warm ups and for Lesson 2.

    11:24 PM, Saturday September 19th 2020

    Hey, I appreciate it Rob. I definitely ghosted before making each stroke, but I think what's happening is that I am subconsciously tensing my arm when I go in to make the actual lines and then things start getting off-track. I'm trying to get past that. It's the same when I try to add line weight. I think I got better about just putting a heavier line weight down the first time during the course of the 250 boxes so hopefully I'm a little better at that now.

    I'm gonna try the rotating boxes again, it was definitely hard to conceptualize the first time around given that I already have issues with understanding objects in space, but I think I feel more confident in that area now.

    I'll concentrate on not picking at the lines after I put them down for the next set of lessons. I have been practicing "The Automatic Drawing Technique" by Tim Gula to try and get past both tensing when I put lines down and trying to go back and fix or weight lines later on, so hopefully that helps in future excercises as well.

    Thanks again for the detailed critique.

    9:42 PM, Thursday September 10th 2020

    Hey, thanks a lot! This was awesome and detailed, thoughtful feedback and I appreciate you taking the time. Planning to keep all of this in mind for the 250 box challenge...I also feel slightly less depressed about my ellipses now, ha.

    Thanks again.

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    2:53 PM, Monday September 7th 2020

    Hey! It's cool to see your progress from the very first exercise (just the lines) to the planes; it looks like maybe you felt more confident with drawing lines quickly and steadily by the time you got to that one, which is great.

    It looks as though drawing ellipses comes more naturally to you than straight lines (the opposite of me!); your ellipses feel loose and smooth, but you seem less sure for the perspective/box exercises. Your actual non-guided perspective exercise has some really good guesses for vanishing points, but it seems like you were focusing more on getting the perspective right than drawing strong, confident lines (not that it's right or wrong to focus more on one or the other). I am sure the line confidence will come with time.

    Nice job!

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    4:26 PM, Sunday September 6th 2020

    Very little fraying at the tail ends of the lines exercise, nice going! Scrolling through the exercises, it almost seems as though your confidence in creating strokes and lines decreases the more complex the homework gets. Everything up until the boxes/perspective exercises feels loose and confident, which is great. Is the focus on the requirements for perspective perhaps drawing your concentration away from making those clean, loose lines?

    I already said this to someone else as well, but as you are really good at creating those kinds of lines between two points, maybe plotting the corners of the perspective boxes down on paper and then drawing lines between them (for the short term until you feel more confident) help convey more confidence in box drawing?

    Then again, we gotta dive head-first into that 250 box challenge after this, so it might not matter...we'll all have perfect boxes by the end of that!

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