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    10:27 AM, Friday September 24th 2021

    Great, I will! Thank you so much for your comments and support. Looking forward to starting the next one!

    3:25 PM, Thursday September 23rd 2021

    Hi! Thank you for the feedback. I have been drawing more boxes experimenting with closer vanishing points and trying hard not to converge the lines in pairs. I have mixed feelings with the results. Sometimes the lines converge pretty close but not always... Not sure if this is normal or I should try a different approach... I get the concept but when I put it into practice at least one of the lines goes a little off the vanishing point.

    Thank you very much for your help


    9:13 AM, Tuesday May 25th 2021

    Great! Thank you Rob :)

    9:03 AM, Monday May 24th 2021

    Hi Rob! Thank you very much for your feedback. Drawing from my shoulder is something new for me and sometimes I tend to use my wrist unconsciously which makes some of my lines a bit wobbly.

    I felt quite confident with the lines and ellipses exercises. I think that my lines become wobblier in the perspective exercises as I was more worried in getting a realistic depth for the boxes. Too many things to keep in mind I suppose! I'll get used to it over time :)

    I have a question. What kind of warm up exercises do you recommend before starting to draw? and for how long?

    Many thanks Rob,


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