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    4:50 PM, Monday January 16th 2023

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep that factor in mind from now on ????????

    2:21 PM, Monday January 16th 2023

    Actually at this point all I can say I , thank you.

    I have actually picked drawing just for the sake of just bringing my imagination to life both by drawing and animating. The free plan which I discussed with you a while back will help to provide a boost to draw a simple characters ( and I am happy with it, NOT satisfy).

    Moreover I am neither working towards nor expecting to look for an art job in big AAA companies.

    So to manage time to do part time job to get paid art education is a little impossible.( Thanks for advice anyways ????)

    With a little bit of knowledge about drawing character and after looking a bit of basic of animation , I will try to post it on social media ( of course not doing silly animation but cool fight scenes either from imagination or from manga like OPM )something thing this


    (Don't take it too seriously, I know it's a work of professional from a professional place )

    Or I could illustrate emotions like Sam does art or can do fan arts

    I will also look to create an audience with my stand alone artwork to do commission , talking with other artists like you , critiquing and all that good stuffs)

    Till then I have to manage to remain standing in the wind called ART. And side by side have to complete my studies .

    Wishing you a good health ????

    1:39 PM, Sunday January 15th 2023

    First of all, Thank you!! I was starting to doubt whether what am I doing in 50 percent didn't fulfill its purpose!!

    It's been 2 years since I first started drawing, for all these years I have only collected information I could and somehow found some of these free resources (DRAWABOX included).

    It's maybe due to my background or the place I live in that I can't have access to the paid tutorials or so. Even if I had done access to paid tutorials I would apply to courses which may be about digital drawings or backgrounds because my free plan will somehow or a little , will teach me about figures , enough to convey my stories or to open a account to publish.

    It was only few months back that I thought of making manga in future years but somehow dropped it ( not because I think I may not be good at it but of that I don't have any access to tools either for making it or of learning it)!!


    AS FOR THE books,. It maybe rooted to some academic stress or so, that whenever I open a book to read it makes me think as if I have to memorise everything for there is exam tomorrow

    I hope you are doing well!!!

    6:25 AM, Sunday January 15th 2023

    I am hoping if you can guide me through some queries I have presented before!!????????

    3:59 PM, Friday January 13th 2023

    Yes, you are absolutely right.

    After analysing the problems with my both progress and process is the FEAR OF DRAWING BAD !!!!

    Even though I have watched drawabox video about mindset and other videos and so countless times, I still find myself strucking right into this monster.

    The fear was so overwhelm that it almost made me quit art few months ago

    This fear even knocks on door even when I am doing 50 percent drawing. I find that it has adversely affected the drawing I had done even if they were for fun.

    1:54 PM, Friday January 13th 2023

    Damn,! Use and throw method ????

    If you don't mind , can you explain/ elaborate your last paragraph a little more because I think that's a important part for progress, I would be happy to hear more for you!!

    5:47 AM, Friday January 13th 2023

    Thanks mate!! If you don't mind , can you please again send the image , I can't fully figure it out. Here is the one I did , again after countless times


    5:13 AM, Friday January 13th 2023

    Actually it's hard for me to maintain doing drawabox lessons, left alone the 50 percent one.

    Moreover it will become more complex for me if I start doing figures along with drawabox.

    That's why i was asking whether should I draw figures in 50 percent rather than the drawing prompts!

    But after completing it I have planned a 6 to7 years complete schedule for figure, like a plan for free, gathered from different resources because I don't have any MONEY.

    HERE IS MY PLAN if you are interested-

    Gathering basic information about humans(like torso one)- 1year

    Love Life Drawing( beginner series, fresh eyes, assignment list)- 3 years

    Curriculum for solo artist- 3 years.

    After all this I would see what I lake (must be background or so) and after that animation and then posting on media for money!!

    For like books, l usually take less care as I hate reading!! Moreover I there were to be any books they are in pdf form!

    If you have some other FREE resource that you think I should include , you can tell me ????

    Here is an unsolicited advice : if you are thinking of joining a specific gaming company in character design,

    You should try learning the style and design of a specific gaming company. A league of legend company will never apoint a call of duty type of artist!!

    2:28 PM, Thursday January 12th 2023

    Thanks for your thoughts!! Actually i was struggling with the helmet itself. Here it's reference and how I did it


    It would of of great help if you tell me how you would go about deconstructing it.

    My crazy mind pick the most difficult Helmet present on Pinterest rather than other where front is plane.

    Can you also please expand your thought where you said that "I have move one step ahead"

    Thanks ones again

    11:50 AM, Thursday January 12th 2023

    I really appreciate and thank you for all the information that you have shared with me till now

    From the start , I was quite interested in animating the fights that my mind produce, mostly with swords or any weaponry. Till now I have thought as many fight scenes as my age in years but didn't try to put a single mark to replicate it.

    And I know that being knowledgeable about the human figures is its core and that's a difficult path that my mind has chosen to walk on. That's why after completion of the drawabox course , I would start with figure stuff.

    I was thinking whether I should involve the fights and stick figures in the 50 percent rule !!

    Moreover I am also interested in knowing why you started drawing at the first place

    It would be ABSOLUTE banger if drawabox included the figure part again in its course!!!

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