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    8:06 AM, Wednesday June 1st 2022

    Thanks, I hope I can put those ideas into practice with the 250 boxes challenge, which I'll start tackling from today.

    7:13 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

    My ghosting definitely needs more training. It feels like I'm rushing it and not paying attention.

    Thank you!

    7:10 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

    Hello, Ivopedro, thanks for your input and time. I wholeheartedly agree that my lines seem to lose confidence at some point. I can't quite understand when that happens, but I'll definitely be paying more attention to it.

    Thanks for your kind words on ellipses, I feel like I can barely draw a straight line or a symmetrical ellipse, but I hope precision comes with practice. Have a nice week!

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