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    4:01 PM, Friday August 20th 2021

    organic arrows:

    yes, they look good and consistent according to the laws of perspective, the flow is just a little bit off (but that will come with practice). the shading in some places is inconsistent, you know the spaces between shading sticks are big and different.

    organic forms (ellipses): to me they look nice, just there are too many ellipses, which i noticed is not good, 3-4 (sometimes 5 if the sausage is long) ellipses are enough. also, seems like you aren't drawing the ellipses from the arm judging that they look wobbly. i recommend making "tables of ellipses" exercise (lesson 1) as a warm up.

    organic forms (lines): here the sausages look well, again i recommend sticking to few counter lines on the sausage/

    texture (studies): here you did excellent. i can't say any critique tbh.

    texture (organic forms): they also look very good. you sticked to the rule that on the outer spaces of sausage the texture should get smaller and smaller.

    intersections: man, i suck at them, so i can't give proper critique, but the forms themsevles look solid.

    organic intersections: look very nice to me, maybe try to add more casted shades.

    Next Steps:

    well, relax and go to the lesson 3!

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    10:19 PM, Thursday August 19th 2021

    hi! this is the link. thank you for telling me about this, i didn't notice that there was only one picture

    10:15 PM, Thursday August 19th 2021

    oh my god! i didn't notice that!

    10:13 PM, Thursday August 19th 2021

    thank you so much!

    8:20 PM, Sunday August 8th 2021

    Hi! thank you so much! that's okay i understood your critique very well and i can relate to you too cuz english is also not my mother tongue///

    10:23 AM, Saturday June 12th 2021

    OMG! youenoh, thank you very much for your critique, it is so crucial to me :"")

    i will certainly get your points into consideration!

    also, almost done with 250 boxes challenge (165 out of 250)

    ps: to be honest, your critique gave me a lot of motivation to draw more boxes and continue the course with enthusiasm.

    thanks a lot again

    10:17 AM, Saturday June 12th 2021

    wow thanks! yeah, almost done 165 out of 250 boxes :)

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    3:03 PM, Wednesday March 31st 2021

    wow, your hw looks good, but what i noticed is that in funnels you have to place the circle in the line and not separate them.

    the ellips should be divided by line and not like this 0|0

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