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    9:24 PM, Sunday November 26th 2023

    Got it, thanks!

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    12:21 AM, Sunday November 26th 2023

    For some context, I started DrawABox 3 times and quit, and this is my 4th attempt.

    For me, what's helped is breaking down assignments into the smallest bits I can handle as well as having grace with myself. For instance, for Lesson 1 I'd split reading the lesson and doing the lesson into seperate days and even split the reading too if I'm feeling overwhelmed with the information. Then for the homework I'd try to do just 1 page that day, and if I can't complete a page then I'd just shelf it for the next time.

    I try to complete the assginments on a consistent basis, but I am only human and have problems and life to deal with. This can lead to days where I'm too tired to work or where I just simply forget. Or sometimes I do the page and feel like I did a bad job. What has helped me get through it though is remembering that while it sucks to feel bad about not getting the result I wanted or not having the ability to work at all, that's just life. We all make mistakes, we all are busy, and none of us is going to get better by wokring ourselves to the bone.

    If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck, I'd advise taking a step back and even taking a break! Go watch a movie or draw some cool stuff or clean your room or whatever. Come back to the assignment when you feel energized and ready to go. If you don't know where to go next with an assignment, ask for help and take that feedback into account. I hope this advice helps and you're able to get back on your feet again.

    10:23 PM, Saturday November 25th 2023

    Thank you for the detailed critique and advise on what I can improve on! I will take this into account and factor them into my warmups.

    With regards to the funnels and rough perspective excercise, I do want to say that I struggle a bit with planning out lines. Even with a ruler, when I put down two points I find it hard to predict if the line will end up completely horizontal/vertical or if it will be slightly tilted. I will work on this with my excercises but I want to ask if there's any thing outside of practice I can keep in mind to make straight horizontal/vertical lines easier.

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