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  • The Indomitable (Summer 2022)
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  • The Relentless
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  • Undead Desperado Centaur

  • Some of my earlier noodles

  • I misinterpreted a prompt, so I made this nightmare

  • I don't understand the Fight to the death prompt

  • Tweety bird has made some bad life choices

  • Drawing Prompt: Junkyard Symphony

  • Dr Whiskers, Psychiatrist

  • Drawing Prompt: The Court of the Rat King

  • Drawing Prompt: Decanter of Drowning

  • Drawing Prompt: Mascot High School

  • Drawing Prompt: Tea Time at World's End

  • Drawing Prompt: Mushroom Manor

  • Drawing Prompt: Cosmic Confectionary

  • Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

  • Some doodlerinos for your displeasure

  • Can I do the art prompts with paint?

  • A non-political collection of my earlier work.

  • Undead Desperado Centaur

  • Progress of lesson 1 homework

  • No issues using A3 sized paper?

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Color and Light by James Gurney

Color and Light by James Gurney

Some of you may remember James Gurney's breathtaking work in the Dinotopia series. This is easily my favourite book on the topic of colour and light, and comes highly recommended by any artist worth their salt. While it speaks from the perspective of a traditional painter, the information in this book is invaluable for work in any medium.

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