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    9:19 AM, Tuesday June 28th 2022

    Hey, you seem to have posted the wrong imgur link, or chosen the wrong category when submitting your homework. Since this is supposed to be the 250 box challenge, but you've submitted lesson 1.

    3:10 PM, Saturday June 18th 2022

    Thank you so much for the additional feedback! I will note the point of not repeating lines, and I also reread the "ellipses in planes" exercise to better understand how to better plop them regarding major and minor axis, and will do it as my warmup.

    11:55 AM, Monday June 21st 2021

    Hello, excuse the very late reply. Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback.

    Here are my revisions:


    Since the I had too many boxes in the rough perspective, the line extensions got super messy and you could barely see where the extensions go. So I decided to redo 1 page of the exericse, complete with three smaller "frames" as in the instructions.

    I also coloured the sides of the rotated boxes, so it's more obvious where they are.

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    5:38 PM, Monday February 1st 2021

    Hi Artaxderwolf, I will be reviewing your submission today.

    Superimposed Lines

    Your lines look good. They're clean and are fraying only at the end, which is to be expected. This is something that will improve with practice. It's good that you varied them in length.

    Ghosted Lines

    You correctly identified that this is a part you should work on, but spoiler, there is noticeable improvement in your box exercises later on. Usually, confidence is expressed in swiftness, so if you try and draw the lines a bit more swiftly, you might see improvement. Still, it's good that you've prioritized confidence, rather than meeting the other point.


    Same point as the ghosting lines. Though even here, it's noticeable that you've improved your line confidence. It seems that lines in certain directions are more confident than others. Remember, it's encouraged to rotate the paper in such a way that you're feeling more confident to draw the lines.


    You've repeated each ellipsis 2-3 times, which is good. Some ellipses don't touch both lines, and in some places ellipses that should be in the same angle aren't. Those are two things to be mindful of. But overall you've drawn all the ellipses with great confidence and it shows in the line quality.

    Ellipses on planes

    Your straight lines are getting more confident. Same critique points as the two exercises above.


    Although not all ellipses touch the ones next to them, your lines are confident. A tip for improvement would be to ghost the ellipse for longer, until you're ready to commit and actually draw them.

    Rough perspective

    Exactly here it seems to me that your verticle lines are way more confident than your horizontal lines. Do not be afraid to rotate the paper so that it's easier to draw the lines. Something that might help you hit closer to the vanishing point would be to ghost from a corner of the box all the way to the vanishing point.

    Rotated boxes

    The corners are close to eachother, and the lines are confident. The left side looks a little off, so that the left-most rotated box looks more like a rectangle, but the right one looks really good. That's a look you should strive for.

    Organic perspective

    This is a hard exercise, so don't worry that some boxes look a bit off. You've put in effort and it shows. Your line confidence has also improved a lot in comparission to your first exercises, so that your lines are both straight and hit the mark. My tip for this page would be to take your time, and try to visualize in your head how the rotated box might look, and then draw.

    Overall a good submission and the improvement shows. Keep it up!

    Next Steps:

    You should move to the 250 box challenge. Use the exercises from this lesson as a warm up.

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